#06022017 – Time is like Cleavage

That’s a saying by Taiwanese Show Luo –

Time is like cleavage, you have it if you just squeeze.

Gross, but true.

In between all the festive snacking, there’s a voice in my head reminding me to work out. Even if it doesn’t help to burn the extra calories off, at least I’d be doing my heart some good. And, a little more oxygen to clear my clouded mind.

But… Between all the work and preparations to go overseas, I’m not exactly motivated. =/

And my gym bike decided to play a joke on me and go wonky at night, making random clonking noises.

So guess what? It was about 1am and I was determined to get some workout done. I did hula-hooping! ^_^ Along with the same cycling music I listen to, but that made the workout so much more intense than the usual hula-hooping. There’s the change and build up in rhythm and speed, tough but immensely enjoyable! A perfect alternative for a workout on silent mode.

Managed to clock in 35 minutes of hula-hoooping before cooling down, bathing, and then finally bedtime. ūüôā

Woke the next morning to do work so nothing special happened… Until about 1pm when my mum told me to get ready to help them out. My parents would be going to Thailand soon and they want to go to a wholesale centre to buy candies for the folks in a temple.

It’s 25kg of candies, no joke. No way am I allowing my parents to do that by themselves.

Mum said we were setting off at 2pm and I need to bathe before setting of so…

I squeezed in another workout session on my gym bike! ^_^

And somehow the bike was okay in the afternoon. What a prankster!


My initial intention was to cycle for half an hour, bathe and set off by 2pm with them. But gym bike cycling can be very addictive, especially when I put the music speed at 1.4x, on loop. (chuckles)

Then there’s this whole compusive numerical urge. There are¬†meters for time, distance and calories, so I’d try to cycle to the next full amount.¬†Like setting 20 minutes as my goal, but by then the calories count had decimal points. When that’s a whole number, I’d want to reach exactly 10km or 11km. It’s an endless cycle! Had to stop by 1.50pm and rushed to get bathed. So 11.26km it is!


We went to the wholesale centre on the third level of Albert Food Centre, opposite Little Red Dot@Bugis. To my surprise, I found the CNY snack that sold out in my neighbourhood pasar malam pre-festive season!

Bought some for myself and a family friend of ours. She bought a container of these 2 years ago and we accidentally finished it on our house visit, ooops. Not that she mind, but you know… I still feel a little guilty.

And so, lugging 25kg of candies home was another physical workout. After getting some rest at home, I headed to the library.

Apparently, my horoscope reading this month was to stay away from excessive spending on luxurious items. So I’ve been avoiding my¬†go-to places like bookstores, beauty stores and apparel shops. But I really wanted to do some browsing!

Then the library came to mind! Endless browsing and FREE! ^_^


I also love how quiet libraries are, almost as if you have the entire space to yourself. There’s no need so socialize, no need to look at prices, no need to queue, just,¬†nothing.

I have a lot of interests, but this time around I borrowed books to learn more about Adobe After Effects (tempted to buy), apparel pattern-making and basics (for better foundation knowledge of fabric types & their directions) and photography. :))

Lugging those books must have driven me mad as I decided to walk home. Started regretting halfway through the journey because of the muscle ache from all the physical labour today. T_T  But I managed to walk home.

My arm started to ache really badly after bathing, so I had to use those panadol muscle ache patches. Started with two strips, one on my wrist but later it was too minty (?) and so I changed it to sticking on my arm. Then it was finally bedtime!



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