#07022017 – Rewatching ‘Departures’


Began the day escorting my parents and their friends to a neighbourhood cinema, where they wanted to catch (and support local production) ‘Take 2’. Had to buy the tickets at their booth in order to get the senior citizens discount, which was really worthwhile! Each ticket was $4 instead of the usual $8.50 and if you do the math, they paid $16 for 4 tickets, which wouldn’t have been enough to buy even 2 tickets at the usual price. Woah.

I left the group after buying the tickets (and choosing fengshui seats for them), but not before buying brunch takeaway at Yoshinoya.

I’ve always been curious about their curry rice? Was wondering if it’s the usual kind of Japanese with a hint of sweetness. Apparently not! It was spicy!! (~_~”)>

Did some work while eating my brunch and later on in the day, I rewatched ‘Departures’, a film released back in 2008. Actually stumbled across the brand new set of DVD on sale in Cash Converters, even the plastic seal was intact. Just see the price difference!


I love rewatching films and dramas that I’ve watched previously because with a different mindset and at a different stage of your life, chances are that you would pick up different details that catch your attention.

Above anything else, I have a lot of respect for Motoki (?), the main actor, who seemed to have spent time learning the art of encoffinment and cello for this movie.

But the movie also made me think about the hypocrisy of mankind. I remember back in school learning about the structure of traditional Chinese apartments, where they would map out the kitchen in a little corner of the entire space to keep the unglamorous killing and cooking away from the people.

‘But everyone needs to eat, and they are eating the meat. So what’s there to be ashamed of?’ I remember one student asked our teacher, who replied saying that people wanted to appear refined.

Well, it’s similar when it comes to the business of death isn’t it? Who wouldn’t need to die? Who wouldn’t need the help of these people when their loved ones leave the world? We have so many beliefs about dying, about leaving the world a certain way, but yet we sweep the hardwork of these people under the rug, pretending that the beauty we see in the casket is natural?

That’s just bull to me.

Then I wondered how I would feel if I were the spouse in the movie. To be honest, I would be more than proud of what my husband is doing. I’d prefer him to be in that line of business more than so many of the ‘prestigious’ or high-profile occupations out there!

When we were younger, there was this saying about not discriminating your parents for however dirty the work they may be doing, however ugly they may be. Because it’s their hardwork and sacrifice that are helping us become who we are today, so why should it be any different for your spouse?

The movie just left me with a lot to think about.

On a lighter note, it’s time to start packing for my overseas trip and finishing the work for the period while I am away!


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