#08022017 – Motivation is Great

Today’s all about clearing work and running errands.

But first, a decent breakfast! DIY maki roll featuring tamago egg (with black pepper & cheese), vegan bacon bits and cucumber. I love the colour combination! 🙂

Then it was hours looking through the articles that I have to complete this month. It’s going to be busy, fun, insightful and I’m just going to keep going, hopefully.

And then there’s the video shoot that’s giving me a headache. But this is one thing I have to accomplish to make my bigger dream come true next year so… FIGHTING!

What else?

Oh, my account needed some clearing. To my dismay, I noticed that one company still owes me my pay from November 2016. Like seriously, who does that?! (frowns) It’s not their first time delaying payment and going MIA-ing, too.

Later in the evening, I went to deliver the goodies from my trip to the wholesale centre, to our family friend. But of course, I had to take the wrong bus and end up walking close to a kilometer. T_T

Funny thing was that there was lightning and I was kinda scared? Scared to walk under trees, scared to walk in open spaces. Basically scared all the time until I reach the building.

After delivering the goodies, I went to the neighbourhood mall to run another errand – buying biscuits for donation in Thailand. Got home around 10pm and continued packing for my trip overseas until I started writing this entry.

Sense of Empowerment

On my way out of the mall to catch the bus home, there was a trio of buskers and there were two school boys walking in front of me. One of them went to donate some money and the busker said thank you using the microphone. His face lit up and he looked at his friend.

This may seem trivial but I feel that it shows how important it is to empower individuals, civilians and even the youngest of children. Everyone needs that little bit of motivation in life, knowing that they can make a difference in this world.

Just something to think about in this digital age where there’s so much unrest and sense of helplessness all around the world.


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