#13022017 – When Bad Luck Strikes

Been trying to catching up with work after returning to Singapore from my trip to Penang, hence missing a few days of #DailyDiary. Will fill in about the trip over the weekend, hopefully!

After less than 48 hours back in Singapore, my mum is leaving for Thailand with my dad, along with 13 of their friends. It started with the two of them, and the more they jio, the bigger the group got, unintentionally. Worried about the check-in, I went to send them off.

And then, bad luck. 

Tigerair has 3 different check-in rows, I think? Usually one for long distance, one for FAST check-in (self check-in using machine) and one for group check-in.

Since there were 15 of us, we went to queue at the group check-in row. There were quite a number of elderly people travelling together, so we decided to queue and only ask them over when it was our turn.

Super unfortunately, we encountered a SUPER newbie at the counter!

My dad has been travelling to Thailand for years, a few times every year. When travelling in a group, what they usually do is combine the total weight of all the luggage quota bought, and put all the stickers on one passport.

Example: I bought 20kg, dad buys 30kg, mum buys 20kg. What they usually do is check us in together, and ask us to put the luggages on the scale one-by-one, accumulating 70kg. Then all the corresponding stickers for the luggages would be stuck to ONE of our passports.

That was the case, even 3 days ago during my Penang trip.

But nope, this Tigerair personnel decides to be a genius – going strictly by name.

Some of the elderly people only needed 15kg, so one person buys 30kg, and they split the cost. But with the way this personnel did the checking in, it took forever. 

Instead of just accumulating all the weight to say, 90kg, we have to weigh every luggage, and try to combine them to hit as close to the 20kg, 30kg units as possible. It was SUPER aggravating!

We told her how it was usually done, hoping she would seek help from her colleagues but nope, she just totally shut us out. We told her there are really old people, so at least check the faces first, so they can go get a seat, still shut us out. 

At some point she herself was so frustrated that she told us to take some of the passports and go to the other counter. Guess what the other counter did? Close just at that point. 

Another funny thing she said was that my dad was standing too close to the weighing scale, so the scale will factor in his weight. (takes a deep breath)

The whole check-in process took us A FULL HOUR. And even as her colleagues saw what happened, no one approached to help her out. I don’t know what to think of their company culture aye. =/ There was this guy who was just walking around leisurely behind her, and even then, he couldn’t take the initiative to help. When she asked for help, she called him a few times, and he leisurely came to her desk, gave a simple answer and continue to stand around, instead of trying to help her through the process when he has the time.

Thanks to her ridiculous check-in speed, the group didn’t have time to get breakfast, take a group photo and instead, had to rush to the boarding gate. -_- From being early to being extremely late, what a great way to start the holidays. Thanks man, Tigerair.

  1. If your staff is a newbie, let them start at the FAST check-in machines, just helping to open passport to scan, can?
  2. Isn’t there a leader or experienced person to look after the workers?
  3. Are the staff members even trained to handle group check-ins?
  4. Why is it that when we were SO stuck, the group check-in still close their counters? The guy said he’s needed at another place. Can’t he judge that his help is needed?

Many people have told me they had enough of Tigerair’s lateness and weirdness but I’ve always defended them because from my own experience, the only bad thing was how claustrophobic the seats are. Other than that, they are doing so much to be punctual and make travelling cheaper, more pleasant.

But this? This ridiculous service story will go down in history.


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