#14022017 – Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody!

…though this post will most likely be late. I’m so behind time on everything, arghhh.

But hey, any good day can be Valentine’s Day. ūüôā

Then again, what Valentine’s Day? I’m single! And so the day was spent catching up on my work.

With my parents gone for the holidays, that means having to put more thoughts into my mealtimes and actually planning ahead. So I took a trip to the supermarket last night to grab some fresh ingredients.


Then putting the new slow juicer mum bought to the test!


This model is Aztech SJ1000 JuiceMAX Slow Juicer, retailing at Challenger for $219 but $99 for members. I renewed my membership just to get the discount~

Not sure if it’s because of the amount of produce I bought, but I ended up with a full mug of juice! It’s less pulpy than quick juicer and also stays fresh for a longer period of time.


There are five parts to clean, excluding the two transparent jugs shown in the picture. They are all designed to open up in different directions, and the WORST of all was the cap covering the juicing mechanism.

All that dried pulp stuck¬†with the tiny bit of moisture created a sort of suction, like when you wash two plastic cups,¬†leaving a little water in one of them and stack them together. It’s almost impossible to separate them. I became a caveman, using my arms, legs, and all the strength I had, and it only came apart like 15 minutes later. Maybe it’s because it’s my first try? But man, that was tough and frustrating!

And the metal filter ring is just like the usual juicer, need to use fine bristle brush to scrub in order to get all the pulp bits out.

Maybe I’d just try again tomorrow.

Really, nothing much happened today. My thyroid gland has been swelling since returning to Singapore, so I spent most of the time not speaking and drinking fruit juice.

Combating Thyroid Gland Problem

Disclosure: I’m not a medical professional. I’m just sharing how it worked for me, and I’m sure it differs with everyone. Consult a doctor before attempting self-treatment!

Speaking of my thyroid gland problem, I’ve been working with it since I was 12. I started treatment at KK Hospital fortnightly but at some point the doctor said further treatment would just be for ‘cosmetics purpose’, in a way. As in mine wasn’t life threatening and I didn’t need to undergo surgery to remove them.¬†Even then, the medication stopped working for me 2 months in.

So I lived with the bulge in my throat for years. Until my overseas studies trip to Wuhan, China when I was 19.

Living without my parents meant that the bunch of us had to look after ourselves.¬†We started out enjoying all the unhealthy food that we couldn’t have but not long later, we started to miss the healthy traditional proper meal. XD

That’s when I started to order kelp/seaweed soup for dinner (we cooked our own rice) every night. I think that continued for at least 2 months?

When I returned to Singapore, mum noticed that the bulge was gone!

Then it occurred to me that there may be some¬†food I should take/avoid that can help with the thyroid gland¬†swelling.¬†My point is, if you have the same condition like me (I heard that it’s common among women), do your own research and tests. Everybody reacts to different food differently.

For example, I can’t take too much broccoli. Don’t just¬†heed the advice from one source. Don’t be in a hurry to omit a food group from your diet. Start with a tiny portion, and see how much it takes before you feel the discomfort. :))


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