#15022017 – Covering My Track

With my parents gone for a trip overseas, I was alone working at home these few days. To be completely honest, I do kinda relax a bit too much while they’re gone, household chores-wise.

Mum is returning tomorrow so it’s time to do damage control today! (chuckles)

Spent half the day writing articles, the other half of the day being Cinderella, washing the bedsheets (how I traditionally welcome my parents home), dishes (ooops), and clearing the trash.

Also, the guest turtles were getting a bit restless in my home. Couldn’t sleep at 3am today when the nocturnal handsome was busy pushing rocks around in their pool of water. I had to wake up, humour him, put him to sleep (no joke) before going back to bed.

Theoretically, my neighbours would have returned to Singapore 2 days ago? But I think they deserve some rest before getting back to their pet duties la.

As I was playing with the turtles while taking a break from all the cleaning in the afternoon, my neighbour returned home! So… time to say goodbye to my companionship for the past few days. :’) Have fun back home, just don’t push the stones around while your owners sleep, yeah? Be good and I’d miss you guys!

Not the bathing part though. They can be SO naughty, scrambling in an attempt to escape from the tupperware box. XD


Bye bye, kiddos! :’)

Then it was back to more cleaning, washing, reverting the house back to how it was before my parents left. (Haha actually cleaner than it was!)

As night falls, it was time for dinner. Was too exhausted to cook up a fanciful meal + the whole kitchen has been cleaned so I just heat up a ready-to-eat meal of mashed potatoes from Cheers. The seasoning is so on point!

What else…

Oh right.

The biggest nightmare…

…of the whole cleaning process was the ant colonies I had to destroy. Lots of ants appear whenever NEA comes to trim the trees lining our buildings or when when there’s construction work (drilling) happening in our estate.

There was literally ants migrating in lines everywhere – the balcony, the kitchen corners, even my room, that has long been cleaned to the point where there’s no ants at all. -_-

As horrible as it sounds, I HAD to kill the ants before the situation got out of hand. Here are two handy tips for people who face the same problem, without using those pest chalk, which can be dangerous if you have children at home.

  1. Use cement to cover up all the holes they are hiding in
    Simply leave a candy or any food around, wait for them to appear, and then follow their line to find their colony. It’s more efficient than wiping them away.
  2. Spray ant repellent
    Choose those non-toxic plant-based ones! What I did was to spray it on wet wipes and clean surfaces, table & chair legs, walls and anywhere you see them. The non-toxic spray means not having to worry about poisoning yourself by accident.

Would probably have to keep cleaning and chasing them away for a week or so before they give up. I feel horrible about killing them but I really don’t have a choice! =/

Ending the Day…

…by getting on the gym bike! :))))

As I’ve said earlier, I was drained from all the cleaning, sweating grossly. But then I jokingly sat on the gym bike thinking… Since I needa bathe… May just as well sweat a bit more, right???

BAD DECISION. Because there’s no such thing as ‘a bit’ once you start cycling!

Completed another 20km tonight before washing up and concluding the day! I actually started thinking I’d just cycle casually while watching a YouTube video (updates about Trump Administration)… But once I started, I went to the Music app to play my workout music instead, hahahahahaha.

Super constructive day!



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