#16022017 – Mum’s Back!

DIY Maki for breakfast, using up the leftover ingredients in the fridge!

DIY Maki Roll

  • Seaweed (duh)
  • Unseasoned White Rice
  • Cucumber slices
  • Leftover egg (made into egg mayo)
  • Leftover chicken
  • Leftover grated cheese
  • Black pepper

But as it turns out, too much filling for the seaweed roll, so the roll couldn’t seal properly! Had to use cling wrap to twist it and eat like a burrito. (The maki shown in photo is from another post, just for illustration purpose!)


While I was finishing up the household chores… I heard familiar barking. Yes, my neighbour is settling back in and the dog is back from the childcare. (HAHA) And yes, the dog barked all morning as if she’s afraid we wouldn’t know that she’s back!

Mum came home in the evening. Was told not to make the extra trip to the airport ($_$) so I waited at the void deck. She told me to bring a trolley down…?

Not long afterwards, dad called me from overseas.

“Is mum home yet?”

‘Her flight landed and she’s on the way home, but not back yet.’

“She ah… Left her phone charger here…. left her journal here… her glasses (?) here…”

Dear mum… I reminded you to bring your charger back aye… But I was laughing on the inside because dad sounded so… (what do I do with my wife) and I was wondering what on earth my mum was thinking. Then I realized why.

Mum brought a huge and bulky box home.

“I bought pineapples! ~_~”

It’s official. Pineapples > Charger/Personal Belongings

I found it hilarious and told my brothers and sisters-in-law. Surprisingly, they support my mum, saying that charger is replaceable but we can’t get Thailand pineapples in Singapore.

Oh, the wonder of priorities. XD

Mum told me to give a pomelo she brought back (yes, that’s the kind of things she brings back from overseas, cute isn’t she?) from Thailand to our neighbour, whose son told us she’s actually hospitalized for a few days now?

Shocked and guilty, because I didn’t know! I mean, yeah, I was wondering why our corridor was so quiet, why there was no prayer and burning of her scented joss stick? Was too busy to ask though.

Only to learn that she’s fine and has been discharged today! Phew…

Had a chat with another neighbour, about their turtles. Apparently both of them are male! I was telling her how the two of them are SO different, one an early riser and the other, a nocturnal kid. So they took turns pushing stones and making noises all the time, haha.

Work Work Work Work Work

These two days have been great work-wise. I’m churning out articles and on the production side, things are finally starting. Now I’m hoping that the other potential collaboration/project works out so that I’d have even more things to look forward to for the rest of the months! Not to mention, it involves working with people I like. :)))

What else…

I’ve been thinking of the other production projects I want to embark on for the rest of the year… and my plans to (possibly) (finally) buy a new camera body.

But for now, it’s continuing to earn money and save up! It’s helpful that there doesn’t seem much worth buying from Taobao these days. ^_^


Oh and, momo seems to have caught a cold? Just like me, she’s prone to fall ill after returning from an overseas trip. Hope she’d get better by tomorrow. Fingers crossed!


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