#18022017 – Wolf Totem

Work has been weighing down on my mind these days.

My former boss once asked us a personality test question – You find yourself in a box. What do you do?

I… Genuinely didn’t know what I would do. And that question tests on how you handle problems. And I have been noticing how true that is.

The more problems at work I worry about, the lesser work I get done because I feel so overwhelmed. =/

Anyway, the day started with meeting my eldest brother and sis-in-law for breakfast at Compass One! Some bingsu can always save the day and stressful mood. :))

Dropped by the DVD store to see if Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them was out, apparently not. But at least the release date is near – 28 March I think? 🙂

Spotted the award-winning ‘Wolf Totem’ and bought it to watch with mum at home, while she rests since catching a cold.

I have actually watched the movie before, while covering Singapore Chinese Film Festival. The visuals is great and more importantly, I love the story plot. There is so much to think about on every level – mankind’s selfishness, greed and also the cultural aspect, how important it is to respect and understand boundaries set by others.

Why do you buy DVDs/albums?

As the digital age advances, I noticed that I buy them for different reasons than before. When I was younger, I buy the DVDs because I didn’t catch the movie (because I forgot/didn’t have enough money). But now I actually buy shows that I’ve watched. It’s more like a collection of masterpieces I really like and think they’re worth re-watching when I have the time. From another perspective, I feel like it’s my way of showing support for the director. 🙂

《狼图腾》Wolf Totem, from Hollywood Reporter

My friends often laugh at my ‘vintage collection’, consisting of some of my favourite ANCIENT shows like GTO, Shokuni, Princess Hours, and the Step Up series!

Of People who call for advice

Halfway through the Wolf Totem movie, my mum answered a call from her friend and she was rather annoyed.

You know how some people tend to call all their friends for advice, only to never ever take them? You spend time explaining the situation and the problem to them, tell them what they should do (to salvage their own dignity and job), only to have them say okok, and then call days/weeks/months later to ask for your advice on the SAME EXACT PROBLEM?

After a while you realize that they are just a waste of your time and effort. They aren’t really listening, just have the urge to call and “ask” for advice, only to continue down the wrong path. =/

How apt. (Source: EmptyClosets.com)

Like I always say, life’s too short to waste on these things and people.

For now, it’s back to work!


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