#19022017 – The Smallest Gesture Counts

Friendship is like a bank account. In fact, so is any relationship.

With every nice gesture, heartwarming gathering, heart-to-heart chat, the balance increases. With every argument, disappointment and misunderstanding, deduction is made from the balance.

When you get to a stage of good balance, you start to see the ‘bigger picture’ and find it okay to ignore some of the negativity –

It’s okay if they back out of a gathering at last minute’s notice.
It’s okay if they forget your birthday.
It’s okay if you don’t see eye to eye on many issues.

On the contrary, when you get to a stage of strained relationship, any small issue can be blown up –

Why did he look away when I was talking just now?
Why did he have to check his phone during meetup?
Why hasn’t he taken the initiative to contact us? Why always us?

My point is, as much as many things can not matter anymore among close friends, I still see a need to maintain the most basic warmth in relationships. For me, it can be a big plus to the balance, and make me feel super happy for the whole day.

Being nice to each other isn’t “formality”, it’s the foundation of informality. 🙂

It’s important to be appreciative, before you start taking everything for granted.




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