#20022017 -TWICE & Taeyeon

TWICE and Taeyeon are back with new singles, yay! TWICE actually released theirs 2 days ago but I didn’t get the notification from YouTube.

TWICE ‘Knock Knock’

I love how TWICE is taking a break from their Halloween theme and funky rock theme! It’s refreshing to see this side of them and the music is so enjoyable, a little more cutesy Japanese style and distinct them from the current KPop works.

Another thing I noticed that’s changing about Kpop is their line distribution.

Ages ago, it was those vocal leads and popular getting members getting most and the best lines, like Super Junior, Miss A and 4MINUTE era. I remember my Kpop friends who were sad that their idols didn’t get as much screen time, sometimes just one or two lines in a song.

But nowadays, companies seem to be so much more aware about the dangers of over-promoting a certain member. And this time around, it’s nice to hear Jungyeon’s vocal range, more of Mina and less of Nayeon. Screentime-wise, also less of Tzuyu and Momo.

Don’t get me wrong, I love them. But I feel that taking turns to be in the limelight can prolong an idol group’s career as there can be a change in music style and help all members to grow together. 🙂

Oh, and and and – HOW CUTE IS JYP! I appreciate how humble he can be as a boss, not always wanting to be the cool dude. I actually like his goofy and bully-able side, the latter as seen when he was helping Sisters Slamdunk season 1.

The only scene I found cringe-worthy was towards the end when TWICE members were standing at the door, listening to the knocking. Their expressions were just… unnatural? So derailed from the whole MV.

About the YouTube comments

My favourite was someone saying yay, thank goodness JYP isn’t on the toilet bowl this time around. (falls on floor laughing) Then again, there are the narrow-minded fans who want to shoot all other idols down. You do realize that Kpop isn’t and cannot be made up of just ONE idol group right? When that happens, it would mean that another regional pop is on the rise and taking over K-Pop. Do you want that? Nope. So shut up about how your bias is better. 🙂

These idols, they put in some of the best years of their lives into this industry. They studied while they learn to dance, sing and make the best of themselves. Who are YOU to say that someone isn’t talented?

Taeyeon ‘I Got Love’

I’d be totally honest – I don’t like this release, mainly because of the MV. What is wrong with Kpo MV directors nowadays anyway?

The song is dope, but I believe there are fans out there who understand why I feel the way I do – Taeyeon is SUPER talented so what’s with the pretentious MV? The whole American-wannabe scenes, the diamonds and whatnot just made me cringe.

The set and fashion for the scene in front of mirrors is actually GREAT and I think with voice like hers, sometimes less is more. A pure dance MV in that set would have poached my heart.

If this is what she wants to try, great for her. But if it’s the company trying to make her into someone she isn’t, I sincerely hope that this is the last time this is happening. And this seems to be an SM problem, not knowing when to simplify MV to make their artists stand out.

Another recent example I can think of, is Red Velvet ‘Rookie’. The song is great, it’s more cutesy but the MV was horrible. You can obviously see the members being slightly uncomfortable and stiff, which probably explains why people commented that ‘that isn’t Red Velvet style’.

But when you see their live performance, it was great! Why waste the money making those weird MVs when your artists are so outstanding? Cut down on the fanciful stuff! It works great with SHINee and EXO, but not all artists have to be that extreme when it comes to MV aye.

Now I’m just looking forward to Taeyeon performing this song live. Going to be SO much better than the MV.


On a personal side, work’s just work. Endless working. Oh, and Pokemon GO! I finally reached level 30! (pops champagne)


5 thoughts on “#20022017 -TWICE & Taeyeon

    1. I would have to choose TWICE’s! They remain cute but the music style is once again refreshed. I feel that the American sexy style isn’t Taeyeon’s forte. What about you? 🙂


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