#21022017 – Dad’s Back, Too!

Dad’s coming back from Thailand today, after being away for 10 days. :))) That means skipping a meal so that we can have dinner together. Thanks to my bestie for bringing me handmade rice crispy the other day, so I have something to fill my stomach while waiting for my dad to return.


On my way out, I came across the neigbourhood rookie again. Seriously, it’s like the first cat that isn’t photogenic! It’s always super friendly and nice but somehow turn out looking fiesty and unfriendly in photos. (sweats)

Saw an auntie feeding it good food the other day, which makes me relieved to know it’s being taken care of. 🙂


“I don’t miss him!” (Or do you?)

Fast forward to the time mum and I reached the airport to welcome my dad home.

Usually when I call him the day before his return, he’d tell us not to pick him up and just wait at home. Somehow this time around, he actually wanted us to pick him up. We reached early to have a great meal at BreadTalk’s 1983 before heading down to the Arrival hall.

Can we also take a moment to appreciate how pretty this rainbow cake at Paris Baguette is?? But mum said it looks dry and that the strawberry shortcake probably tastes better. Well… You cannot stop an elder from being honest aye. (chuckles)


My mum’s a cutie. She kept saying that she doesn’t miss my dad and all, but since this morning, she has been buying all the food my dad loves, saying “Thailand doesn’t have this“. She has no idea how heartwarming it is to see her acting this way as their child. :’)

Bad Luck in Queuing

We actually arrived only slightly earlier at the airport, so the meal at 1983 was quite a rush. And what’s the worst that can happen when you’re in a rush?

There were two people queuing ahead of me.

First Guy

Tries to pay for his meal with credit card, two or three cards have been declined. So the cashier said, she can wait while he goes and withdraw money from the ATM a short distance away. He took out another credit card to try, and it finally worked. (phew)

Second Lady

Just, gosh…

Lady: *points to the menu* Which kaya bread is the toast?

1983, like Toastbox outlets, offer traditional toast, thick toast and bun options. There were photos on the menu to show the differences.

Cashier: Both kaya, (points) this is traditional toast, (points) this is the bun.

Lady: So if it’s the traditional toast, there’s no set meal right? What comes in the set meal? So there’s only meal for bun set? Does it come with coffee? 

*facepalms* It shows clearly in the picture, only the bun/toast difference, both can be ala carte or set meal (photo clearly shows toast, soft-boiled eggs, coffee) for both options.

Lady: (ignorant of the long queue forming behind her) Hmm.. Which is better ah? 

Cashier: If you want the traditional style, would be traditional toast.

Lady: So it comes with coffee right?

Cashier: Yes

Lady: Oh, then I don’t want coffee can? Don’t want eggs.

Cashier: (looks at me in exasperation) Yes, so ala carte? Just the bread?

Lady: Yes, just the bread! Ala carte~ (smiles happily)

If you think that’s over, take a deeeeeeep breath. 

Cashier: Okay, that would be $11.80.

Lady: *whips out Amex card*

Cashier: Sorry, we don’t accept Amex card here. Can use credit card, cash or NETS.

And then here comes my
WORST nightmare in
every paying situation –

She starts pouring out her coin pouch onto the cashier counter top. 

….10cents… 20cents…


                           …50cents… 10cents…

Gosh, it was PURE anger management test for me!

10 years later, when she was done counting out $1.80, she slowly turns her wallet to the other side, fumble with the zip, with the slots, to pull out a stack of notes, then pick out $10.

I have mad respect for cashiers and their patience with customers, really.

Reminder to self: Pls don’t ever fumble or take your own sweet time at the cashier, EVER, whatever age you get to. Even if you are a VIP in a high end store. Never. NEVER!!!

Okay then it was getting to the right belt number to wait for my dad, after the meal.

You know how there would be these well-dressed uncles holding placards with names? I saw the name of my dad’s friend. Wow. A little suaku, but I always thought it’s for those VVVIPs attending conferences in Singapore. Like, the big shots.

So later dad and his friends came out of the arrival hall, and the uncle told me it’s really his (booking) and left with the supposed driver.

Then my frugal-as-always dad turned to me and said, “That cost at least $40 leh.

So the business calculator turned in my head and I came up with a brilliant idea.

“Eh dad, how about next time when I come to fetch you, I also print out your name on a placard? Then you pay me $45??”

Mum: You $40 can already la! Discount!

Me: No eh, printer ink so expensive these days, $45 nett cannot discount!

And my dad’s response made me laugh –

“If is mine then I’ll add a salutation lo.”

Me: Can~ What do you want? I can print anything! Prof. Lim? Dr. Lim? 

And that’s how we all head to the taxi stand home, laughing. \(^_^”)/


But later on I thought about what happened again. Dad’s friend and his wife joined them on the trip, and they do not have children. Had my parents not given birth to the three of us, they may well afford such luxuries, having so much money and not having to spend them on raising us, isn’t it?

That just made me appreciate my parents a little more.

Then it was heading home, nothing special!

On a side note, when I met up with my bestie the other day, we saw these Scott’s pastilles on sale, 2 packs for the price of one. I had wanted to buy but I was unsure, because Scott’s is known for their cod liver oil and… does their candy taste of that too?

So my bestie being the kind of candy maniac like I am, bought them and told me they are nice, just like Ribena pastilles.

“But this is good for the brain, you can eat more.”

HAHAHA NICE, buddy! I finished them already! Do I look smarter?? ^_^



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