#24022017 – The First Shoot at Cat Cafe

After much discussion and preparation, today’s the day, the first shoot for the short film that has been work in progress for a while now.

The first interview took place at The Company of Cats, thanks to the help and cooperation from Chan, Animal Human Alliance representative and Shuyun from the cat cafe. 🙂

Everything went smoothly, and it was hard to resist the fluffy cats! Before this visit, some of friends who had experiences at cat cafes locally and overseas said some cats may be too pampered and too much character, ie not wanting people to touch them at all, unfriendly or even a bit aggressive. Another problem I heard from people was the cleanliness and odour problem.

But I daresay now, neither problem came up at The Company of Cats, I soompah!

Sure, there was a brief whiff of cat smell when they first open the door to the space, but that’s about it. The owners had air-conditioning and fans on to ensure circulation, and heck, there’s even music playing in the background. Even better life than me!

And as soon as we walked into the space, the cats came forth to greet us. They were such a lovable fluffy bunch~ They were curious with my bag, and got a little excited to see my headphone wires and cables. But as soon as we stroked them, they walked away to chill. No obsessing, no bad temper.

It was close to evening when we went, and the cats were taking a nap. One in particular, Meringue, decided that my tripod bag was its fengshui spot. 


It was such a funny sight! Meringue slept on my tripod bag throughout the shoot, and when we were done, everything was packed. Well, almost everything. 

I wasn’t sure if the cat has a temper (from waking up), and so we had to ask the owner for help. (chuckles)

Um.. We need your help with the tripod bag.

But even then, Meringue was okay being woken up, simply walked to another corner to continue napping. Sad to say, they are way more reasonable than some human kids nowadays.

After the shoot, went to Chinatown Point with Terry, where I went to Daiso to buy a container for the imminent carnival next month. Momo wants to make sure the ingredients are tidy and laid out nicely. 😀

Then after more chatting, we went separate ways. I lugged my equipment to Hougang Mall, to buy Nine Fresh desserts for my family! My sis-in-law and elder brother were coming home for dinner, prepared by momo.


Let me take a bit of time to express appreciation for my mum – it’s frickin’ tough cooking for our family because each of us have SUCH different food preferences.

Dad loves the pungent smelling meat, like pig intestines, fish, jellyfish, etc.
My eldest brother is a vegetarian, but he likes pungent smelling herbal soup, like Codonopsis.
My elder brother loves pork… Eh, actually, anything but seafood.
For me, it’s boiled vegetables, prawn, chicken, tomato sauce based food, and vegan soup.

So my mum has the habit of preparing individual dishes for us and so the dinner table is always filled with a wide variety. Really appreciate how tough it is to be her! ♥♥

All in all, it was a pretty great day. Glad that the first shoot went smoothly, and happy to have family dinner! It’s always hilariously rowdy. 😀

Hopefully everything picks up pace from here, fingers crossed!


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