#25022017 – Of Cats, People and Food

Started the day with breakfast at the newly-renovated Divine Realm Vegetarian Restaurant with my eldest brother and sis-in-law.

We were actually running late but… I saw Ginger lazing at the playground! Ginger has been MIA since it was raining for the past few days (eh I thought our gahment said not enough rainwater), so I was glad to see that he’s okay! So I told mum to go ahead and that I’d catch up with her later.

So I took a few pictures of sleepy Ginger… And I looked up. Saw my mum in a distance, waiting for me with a -_- expression.

‘I thought you said we running late?’

Haha, that’s right. But I can’t say no to Ginger. Just look!



Been going to Divine Realm since it first opened, but the variety and standard have been going straight downhill for the past few months. Decided to give it another shot today.

The restaurant is now air-conditioned and offer indoor seating only. They halved their kitchen space so the seating area is more spacious and well-organized now. It’s all stools without the backrest, so there’s still the occasional problem of ass-butting, haha.

There’s no menu on their signboard anymore but the food is still the same in general. The chicken rice is a little too oily (seemed more like oily rice than chicken rice) but the fried chicken is nice and crispy. Portion reverted too. 🙂

We ordered 2 x kway chap with tofu dish, 2 x chicken rice and 1 yongtaufoo, total was $17.

Hopefully they’d get better and put up a new menu soon!


We parted ways after the meal – my brother was going for their maternal lesson, and I was going to Buddha Tooth Relic Temple to catch Animal Human Alliance documentary screening on animal welfare.

The initial plan was to go with a friend and both our mothers, end up all the three of them (including my mum) couldn’t make it at the last minute. T_T

Thank goodness another bestie Miao came to save the day, and I didn’t have to catch the film by myself!

We attended the second session, where there was a Q&A segment after the screening with volunteer from the Saint John Island. What struck me the most was the following uncle.


He pointed out that our government should build a place for these animals that people don’t want in their housing estates. The AHA organizer’s answer echoed my sentiments.

Here’s what I think – firstly, it’s ridiculous to think that our government owes us a living. Sure, they are overpaid and not doing enough for the people, but that doesn’t mean that they have the obligation to solve every petty issue that arises in our lives.

Also, what does that make of our society?

First, there’s condo for the aged and sick, so they wouldn’t be alone and helpless in our estates. Then there’s centralized hostels for foreign workers in Singapore, because so many locals ‘feel unsafe’ to see them chilling out in housing estates.

I mean, is that how it’s going to be, creating a separate zone for people that we don’t want or don’t like in our estate? Now it’s old people, foreigners and animals. What’s next? Separate estate for karaoke lovers, for nocturnal workers and for families with rowdy children?

Doesn’t that show how our people are becoming worse, being less tolerant, more petty and having an unreasonable sense of entitlement?

As my poly lecturer once said, when raising problems in Singapore and proposing issues, don’t start your statement with “Our government should”, but “As Singaporeans we should”. It would give us a sense of empowerment and responsibility. Only then, would we know what we can do, and how to start doing things better as a citizen.

Another thing that inspired me was the film. To be honest, it wasn’t well-made. The content is there, the statistical research is there, but not the technical aspect.

At the end of the film, Miao turned to me and said, “I bet the technical flaws are bugging you.”

Yes, it was. The audio quality, narrative quality and edit could have been better, and it would have been more engaging. I would be more than happy to help, and to add bilingual subtitles but… I don’t know them?

My point is, I felt inspired as a media worker. If someone whose expertise isn’t production has the courage and motivation to produce their own film, what am I so afraid about? What am I waiting for? What excuse do I have to turn my back against my dream? What’s most important is the content and the intention. The rest would only get better with time.

Lots of respect for the organizer who produced the film – 100% passion, sincerity and compassion. Would love to help with their media production if the chance arises!


Miao and I went to Chinatown Point after the movie. We had Genki sushi and then… She was craving for Nine Fresh. Which I just had last night. (chuckles) But oh wells, #YOLO! I could eat the same 2 dishes with rice for six years straight in primary school, what’s so tough about one repetition aye? ^_^


Meeting with Miao was one of the few stress-relieving things that happened since February began, as with all our besties gatherings. 🙂

Received a text message on my way home, that my parents were meeting our in-laws for dinner. I didn’t eat much because I was still full from lunch, but I couldn’t resist a bit of durian that we had post-dinner.  Still love the yellow wrinkly ones though!


Later at night… I felt extremely exhausted. Haven’t slept well worrying about the shoot yesterday, and been insomiac for the past few days. But tonight… I was really really exhausted, so much so that I could feel my eyes closing even when I’m walking home.

But as I got home to shower… I felt awake again! Thus writing this entry, haha.

So far things have been great! Prays that this continue all the way to March!


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