#26022017 – Trying New Food + A Heavy Subject

Some places just don’t come up off the top of your head.

Went to meet my eldest brother at Punggol Waterway for a quick late breakfast before he has to rush off. Mum wanted to go to Toastbox but it was packed. Then we went to 记得吃Desserts, they said most items on their menu are out of stock (-_-). So we went to Tuk Tuk Cha, but even as I rang the counter bell, the staff was in the kitchen using her phone. Two employees, and neither even bothered to look up.

Left with no choice, we crossed over to the other wing of the mall, and settled for Soup Spoon Union. Yeah, because Soup Spoon is one the food places that I really really dislike. But aye, gotta give them credit for the great staff service!

Ordered spicy wedges for momo, but turns out the wedges are the usual, and the killer spiciness was in the nacho cheese. So… Momo had bland wedges while my brother and I (we can’t eat spicy food) almost died in our attempt to enjoy the cheese.


I was the only one who hadn’t had breakfast, so I wanted to order a Portobello Chicken burger. Well… Bad luck streak hasn’t ended apparently, as they ran out of Portobello mushroom. Whatever it was they recommended was pretty good, minus the black mushy chunk you see in the picture – it wasn’t very fresh. The rest of the burger was pretty good.


After my brother left, it was mum’s turn to feel hungry. So we went to the 新式咖啡 one level down, where NTUC is. Momo wasn’t impressed with their Laksa.


I ordered their muahchee because I was curious what kind of muahchee standard deserves double the price of normal ones. Turns out… It was okay! Maybe more for fans who love chunky peanuts. I prefer grinded down peanut. I guess it was worth the price of $4 because of the portion – ended up packing for takeaway!


On A Side Note…

My mum and I discuss the weirdest things sometimes and there’s this topic that I really want to share about. We were discussing the classic drama scene, where the doctor comes out of the operating theatre asking the dad to make the most difficult decision of his life – should they save the mother or the baby?

My answer is without a doubt, the mother. It may sound rather selfish, but I can have another baby after recovery. Sure, I’d be heartbroken to lose a baby, but at least I can pray for him/her, and then treat the next one even better to make up for the loss.

But if I were to save the baby, the baby would be born into a broken family. He/She may live with the burden that her life came at the expense of her mum. She may have to suffer the horrible words from traditional elders (jinxed child) and be laughed at in school. Her father may be emotionally broken; she may have to face a new family if there’s a stepmother.

Maybe there’s a void in my emotional spectrum, but I really see just one choice in this scene. I’d rather be the one living with the pain and loss than placing the burden on a young innocent child. If anything, I’d want my child to have the best.

…which is probably why I would never want to give birth to a child anyway. There are these hereditary flaws in my genes that I’ve suffered through and I don’t want an innocent life to go through what I did. Not a chance.

Then again, maybe it’s just another one of those cases where you don’t know until you’ve been there. Just wanted to note down that this is what I think at this stage of my life, at the very least.


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