#27022017 – First Visit to Loyang Tua Pek Kong

Woke to great news – managed to secure another two interviews for the film I’m working on! :)))) Restores a bit of faith in humanity, ironically, bringing more consolation than from people I knew.

Was intending to check out Loyang Tua Pek Kong Temple later in the day, so when my mum asked what I wanted to have for breakfast, I decided to have a vegetarian meal. Not sure who said what, but I thought I remembered something about some deities festival and devotees not consuming meat prior to visit. Just wanted to be safe!

First Visit to Loyang Tua Pek Kong Temple

I’ve heard a lot about the Loyang Tua Pek Kong Temple over the years – how they would distribute free bags and books to students in need, and free food for visitors. Somehow I’ve always pictured the temple to be a small place, even though I knew that they also worship other deities of other religions there.

It’s Tua Pek Kong birthday today I think? Decided to finally see the place for myself. 🙂 Mum and dad came along too. Dad had his fair share of ‘wise man’ fun – I was looking at everything in awe and he kept giving me the ‘I already knew, duh’ expression. 

“Eh dad you see this? Woah!”

‘Yeah? #notsurprised’



Was actually hoping to catch the puppet show and Teochew opera, apparently they only perform at night! (Smiles sadly) Dad wanted to get out of there before the night crowd and traffic jam build up.







Even the details on the ceiling are so mesmerizing. Would I ever get the chance to make a full documentary about the temple? #dream

Another thing I really appreciate about the temple is how big-hearted they are. I went with my DSLR and no one once came forward to say anything. Do you know how rare that is in Singapore religious landmarks??


Aside from the Taoist figures of faith, there is also the Indian ones sharing the temple space. 



Then there’s the 平安桥 (roughly translates to Bridge of Safety). I am guessing that followers cross the bridge in hopes of a good and safe year? They were still setting up the queues when I was there. 

I have only seen a bridge at a Taoist funeral when I was very young. So when I saw 平安桥on their website, I thought, okay la. Must be a small one. Turns out-


 Holy moly. That’s one huge bridge!!


That was my mum. Yeahhh. They got to be the wise one all day. Haha. 

That kind of concludes the whole trip! Sometimes visiting the temples of other religions really give you a different perspective of life. Try it someday! 

Just remember to be respectful and open-minded. You may not agree with all that they do but there’s definitely something worth learning from them. 🙂


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