#01032017 – Break Day

Today’s one of those in-between-shoots day, spent charging batteries and repacking equipment for tomorrow.

And of course, catching up on the Trump drama thanks to Stephen Colbert, Trevor Noah, Seth Meyers, Jimmy Fallon and James Corden.

Went out with mum to buy ingredients, as she’s going to make food samples for me to take photos of, and make publicity materials with. But before that, the morning began horribly.

After a busy morning packing parcels for mailing, it was late afternoon by the time we set off and I could finally have my meal. Was going for something else when I saw the Manhattan Fish Market poster promoting their latest dish.

Prawn, chicken and salted egg yolk – a combination of all my favourite things so what could possibly go wrong?

Well, I didnt notice the problem initially, just glad that theres finally food. Until I got to the bottom –

It was literally a pool of grease. Had to fish up the food and dry them with a serviette before eating. Ended up packing most of it for takeaway, to bring home and eat with porridge. Too greasy. I am a huge fan of Manhattan Fish Market and this is just really… sad. ūüė¶

So fast forward back home РI had my porridge and mum started working on her kuehs. 

Some time in between, her phone started to get on my nerves. The ancient Samsung smartphone is failing to charge and depleting power rapidly thanks to the Chinese handwriting app. (-_-)

Then I did something really crazy. I went out for a quick trip to Nex and bought a new smartphone, then spent a few hours moving all her contacts, text messages and media over.

Side note – this is my second time moving SMSes over, these two apps work really fuss-free! Previously I didnt transfer her SMS to the new phone, and for days she was convinced that her phone was spoilt and messages werent coming in. ūüėÖ

Also took some time to setup all the apps, shortcuts and layout just as it was, to minimize her discomfort in adapting to a new phone.

Hopefully she would adapt to the new phone soon instead of struggling with one that doesnt even function as an ancient Nokia would!

Quick Review of Xiaomi Hongmi 4A

The Xiaomi 3S¬†and 4A are pretty similar,¬†launched in June and November 2016 respectively. While it’s a relatively¬†older model, Xiaomi 3S is stronger in battery life and processor. 3S also have FM Radio and¬†Magnetometer functions that 4A doesn’t. Price-wise, 4A is about $150+ and 3S is $200+, when purchase¬†without contract.

I actually bought the 4A because my mum needs neither the FM nor compass features.

I like the SIM and SD cards tray, which comes with clear placement instructions. The one thing I wish Xiaomi would include is using the power button to answer and hang up calls, which is so important for my parents.


May write a detailed post when I have the time, and my mum has had enough time testing it out!


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