#28022017 – Revisiting Ngee Ann Poly

Two interviews today, and things are getting into the right pace for the shoot. So glad that February is coming to an end, which means the end of bad luck for me!

Today is a day of revisiting schools. Went back to Xinmin in the morning to interview a teacher, before going to Ngee Ann Poly to interview Society Staples. Two schools, two revisits, two entirely different feelings.

I could say that my secondary school life was my academic and morale crisis. Imagine being good in class but blanking out during exams, scoring 3/40. Then 27 for my OLevels prelim. In the middle of it all, being threatened by my CCA teacher to reset my 4 years worth of CCA points.

At more than one point in time, I contemplated suicide. At more than one point, some teachers came into the picture unknowingly, to show me some faith and encouragement.

It has been a full TEN years and now when I look back, I can only vaguely remember what tore me apart time and time again. Made me realize how silly suicide was as an option – running away from a lifetime of happiness and chance in fear of one setback.

The trip to Ngee Ann Poly was more nostalgic and favourable. In stark contrast, it was the 3 best years of my life, making real friends with common ideals, goals and culture. 🙂

Later at night, mum and I went to the neighbourhood for a stroll, when I saw the durians! 😍

One box was going for $18 but I was having such a mad craving! On closer look, I noticed similar maoshanwang going for $12 so I thought that was more reasonable. #ThePowerOfRelativity

The kind uncles noticed me and gave me a further discount because “business wasnt good due to the rainy weather”. Super elated!!

It’s a bit like cashing in on their misfortune but… at least I helped to clear some of their stock, right? …right???


I hardly ever ask for bargain when buying from neighbourhood stalls. I mean, we don’t ask for discount at the big corporations like NTUC or in malls, so why should we bully our small neighbourhood businesses? Is it a live or die situation with that 50cents you are hoping to save?

Sometimes I feel like people who ask for discounts are insulting – you are not asking for 50cents off the price, but 50cents off their effort. Like when people say, photographers click click only, my phone also can, I am giving you a chance with my project, why charge so much?

Or saying that the small stalls earn a lot because agriculture very cheap only. What about those hours under the hot sun? The transportation? Those people have families to support too aye?

Anyway – Enjoyed the durian when I got home, concluding a long but extremely fruitful day!


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