Review: GOT7 “Never Ever”

I couldn’t help it. The video has just been uploaded 37 minutes ago and there are so many things I’m glad about.

Crowd Pleaser

Another great masterpiece that’s sure to win the hearts of Kpop fans, with lyrics like “I won’t leave you again”, “baby you’re mine” and “I’m yours, you’re mine”, iGOT7 hearts are definitely going to melt over and over again, figuratively. As the YouTube community would call it – many people are bound to rape the replay button again and again.

Learning from painful lesson

One thing I like about JYP is that they learn from their mistakes and get better with time. The biggest problem I have with Kpop groups is when companies put too much focus on selected members, because the groups won’t do well in the long run.

There are countless examples – HyunA from 4MINUTE, Suzy from Miss A, Luhan from EXO, just to name a few. It may not be the main reason of their disbandment but I feel like it limits the development of the groups in the long run.

So one thing I love about GOT7, is how the members take turn to bask in the limelight. For “Never Ever”, it’s Yugyeom and Mark. I’m sure many people are happy to see the MV starting with Yugyeom, the evil maknae! And Mark is one unique rapper – other rappers’ voice tones get lower and lower with every new song, but his voice just keeps getting higher. Not sure how he’s pulling that off~

GOT7 Never Ever yugyeom

A Decent Break for GOT7

From If You Do, Fly to Hard Carry, I was getting worried about the health of GOT7 members, as their choreography gets increasingly challenging. But I’d be honest here – I am not a huge fan of Kpop male groups doing ballad.

But this song is a great pace changer, helping them to slow down while keeping their charm and style. It would also be a useful song to have during their concerts, where they can catch a breath between their hardcore songs.

Back to their Roots

The Kpop MV trends are slowly changing – it used to be about random closeup focus of members’ face, thick eyeliners and some sets that don’t make sense.

It’s nice to see GOT7 getting back in touch with their roots here, and the simple set and lack of overedit storylines help to put the focus back on their voice and dancing capabilities. I mean, they have proven their acting skills in If You Do, I think they deserve a break.

With a relatively stripped down MV, it’s also nice to see them outside of adventurous outfits (Jackson with one sleeve and Bam Bam’s… almost everything), so they are still relate-able to their fans. It’s also easy to see how much they’ve improved in terms of stage presence and teamwork.

Some small spaces for improvement

On the whole, I feel like this MV, this song, is great. But there are still a few things I’d be concerned about.

For one, I love how Youngjae is getting more lines to show off his vocal capabilities. But I feel like Youngjae also needs to work on his acting versatility and stage presence so that he has more air time with his lines. He tends to be more focused on singing and compared to other members, has less interaction with the camera during music shows. It’s also easy to see his performance style in MV starting to get a little repetitive –



Similarly, BamBam’s sitting down profile look is cool, but I think it’s enough for now – we’ve been seeing it since If You Do. I miss their ‘A’ era, where they were more adventurous about showing their different sides. So far it seems like they always show his “silence” charm, but I would want to see the charm of his activeness (moving around, in choreography and/or storyline), I’m sure he can pull it off.

Another thing is, as I’ve mentioned, Mark’s increasingly high tone rapping. It’s cool and all, but I hope he would survive the harsh reality of MR Remove. AND I have a problem with his enunciation. I mean, his American accent is sexy as hell, and I’m pretty sure that’s not how Americans pronounce ‘love’. I wish they would let him retain that American swag of his! And maybe also to work on the lyrics, I’m sure he has much wider vocabulary that can spice things up, especially if it’s in his style of speech. Right now it just sounds like the typical Korean songwriters filling in the words, but an American wouldn’t phrase it that way, so it sounds a little awkward.

One last thing – I kinda have more than enough of Jinyoung. He is cool and cute, and I see how his acting is one of the best, but I wish other members can have more airtime, or be the lead instead of him, once in a while. Maybe it’s an album theme but still. Don’t get me wrong, I like his savage swag. 🙂

Keep rocking my socks off, dearest GOT7! Thank you JB for being the awesome lowkey leader! Jackson too, he may be loud in variety shows, but I respect how he takes the backseat in MVs. The spotlight will always be on him!


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