#21032017 – A Funny Story


Yesterday was one of the busiest days of this month for me, and I finally caught up with my sleep debt last night! 🙂 That makes me SO happy.

Spent the day setting up my site, configuring the encodings, placements and content. Hopefully I’d be back to writing soon!

Just wanted to share a funny incident that happened over the weekend.

My mum and I talk about the strangest things sometimes. Over the weekend, we were on a bus journey home,. talking about how we would want to “age gracefully”, be happy and grateful, and die with dignity.

Some point during our conversation, an old man boarded the bus and his cheeriness caught my attention.

“Hey mum, I’d want to be like him when I’m old, still dressing hip (Converse sneakers instead of the typical senior citizen sports shoes/grandpa shoes) and looking so cheerful.”

Mum agreed and we continued our conversation…

…until suddenly, that man I was talking about, starting to fidget. He was sitting in the front seat when I suddenly notice that he’s adjusting his socks for some reason.

Then he went ahead to take off his shoes to do more adjusting.



I got the whiff first (FML) and then it was my mum, who said, “Eh what’s that stench?!”

We were still trying to be polite at this point (his back was facing us), until another two Malay ladies sitting beside us starting talking and I caught them saying “Busoh”, which means smelly amid their conversation.

Apparently I was the only one who noticed that the old man took off his sneakers, so when more people started to notice the smell, I kind of burst out laughing. In silent mode, thankfully.

From the old man to us to the Malay ladies, we were in the middle-back section of the bus, so I quickly walked to the bus exit to press the bell, in hope that the smell only travelled backwards and I can get some fresh air.

The funniest thing was, at where I was standing, I was right in front of the old man. And then I looked at another 2 aunties and a young guy seated in the front section of the bus, and THEY WERE PINCHING THEIR NOSES.

One of the aunties was even holding out her bottle of medical oil that they use. Kinda like killing one smell with another?

It was such a funny sight and I just couldn’t hold it in any longer!!

Thankfully, we reached our stop, and so I quickly alighted to start laughing!

Gosh. Don’t think I would have been able to stand another bus stop distance “immersed” in that stench.

Of course, as we walk home from the bus stop, I turned and told my mum,

“Yeah, I take my words back. I wanna age gracefully, but not smelling like that.”

Seriously. I wonder if he knew how bad his feet stink? >_< Hahaha still a funny story nonetheless! Goes to show how you should never judge a book by its cover… Or a man, when his shoes are still on. (chuckles)




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