#21032017 – Unfavorable Decisions

When I was a kid, as do many kids know, we always look forward to being adults. To having the freedom to do what we want, to be free from the education system, to have the money to buy all the candies and chips we want. 

Then only when I really get the privileges of being an adult, I start to feel the weight of the responsibilities. 

Yes you have all the money but chips dont taste that great anymore. And your metabolism rate is slowing down, so you need to watch what you eat. 

Another thing I always thought about was how cool adults are, at least on TV, bring able to punish others (students/kids) or sacking someone as a boss. The feeling of power. 

Until I really had to do it. Then I realize how much it sucks. 

Then I realized teachers dont get a thrill out of punishing students. It is more of exasperation, helplessness and a final warning hoping you would heed. 

And bosses dont feel great sacking people. Unless, maybe, if you have small hands. Then you probably live in a fictional world, not the reality. I digressed. 

I mean, a boss hired an employee for a good reason to begin with – that help is needed, that the boss felt good about the employee. 

I never understood what was so difficult about sacking people until lately. Because you know the teamwork began because the boss felt good about the employee. If only things continued to work out. 

I always find it hard to say goodbye, and now it is harder – thats it, because things arent working out anymore. 

That was frickin tough and it was a late lesson on empathy. But adults dont brood like kids do –  we know sometimes we need not understand how and why everything happened, but just to accept and move on. 

Taking a deep breath and moving on, with a tinge of sadness tonight. 


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