A Little Annoyed

I don’t understand the old people’s obsession with a regular 9-5 desk job.

Met someone today, who was obsessed about discussing this with me, and I got annoyed.

“Why do you work from  home?”

‘I am working on project basis now.’

“Why don’t you find a regular job?”

‘Been there, done that, just that it’s how I happen to be working now.’

“So why don’t you want a regular job?”

‘Why do so when I can work from home now?’

“Well, you can meet more people.”

‘I am working FROM home, but I still meet people when I go out for shoots, etc.’

“But you can work with people, do regular work.”

‘It isn’t easy working from home, I still work long hours too.’

“Yeah, so you should do regular work, got people help you.”

‘Worked in an office job before but the burden is the same. If you’re responsible, you’d take responsibility, alone or in team.’

“Then why don’t you change industry?”

‘Because this is what I love doing? I injured my spine while working so-called regular job, because I still have to carry the equipment.’

“You mean you still have to carry the equipment when you’re working in team?”


“Change industry la!”


At the end of the day, my point is, what business is it of yours? 

I can say how I think because I’ve tried BOTH. I can say, my work now makes me happier because I have to take FULL responsibility for my work. I feel even more empowered and I feel HAPPY doing my work. 

So who are you to tell ME what is better for me? Especially when you’ve only tried one of the two ways? Who are you to tell me that THIS is not good for me?

Sometimes. It’s such pointless communications that make me glad I have the option of working alone sometimes. -_-


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