#22032017 – A Peculiar Day

Today has been a peculiar and eventful day. (Yes, I’m trying to get back to the pace of Daily Diary!)

Mum has started working again for a one-month contract and dad is starting to change his perspective on things and people. Me? I’m making my little changes too, and little bold plans.

Woke, washed up and immediately got to work, forgetting breakfast. After a while I remembered, and went to wash some rice and get things cooking.

Then… back to work, and I forgot all about my rice.

Elder brother called to ask mum out for lunch, forgetting that she’s at work again. So he called home to ask why my mum would hang up his call. #FAIL Realizing that mum isn’t at home, he asked me if I wanted to meet for lunch instead then (awkwardly).

Planned my day out from there – meet brother for lunch, make a delivery stop at Hougang Central, and then get back home to help my neighbour shop for a pair of shoes. Apparently size 39/40 isn’t the only size that’s hard to find, 35 is difficult to get in Singapore too. #WhySoLimited

Got back home to do my work before meeting mum after she knocks off from work…

And then the strangest thing happened?

Somewhere along the way on the bus, someone stood oddly close to me and somehow I felt that she was up to no good? But I was thinking about other things and didn’t respond immediately.

Later on, when I alighted, I knew my bank card is missing from my pocket, where she was standing close to me.

Rummaged through my bag, dug things out of my pocket, and yep, it’s gone.

STRANGELY, it’s not the first time this happened to me. I have a premonition, and I  KNOW when it’s happening, but somehow at that point, I can’t react immediately until afterwards. It happened once before at Punggol Plaza when I KNEW the uncle behind me was stealing my wallet.

Thankfully, it’s just my bank card. I calmly called POSB to terminate the card immediately and… that was it.

Back when my wallet was stolen as I have mentioned, I went mad. I lost control of my emotions and cried uncontrollably. But today… I can’t help but feel like I’ve grown up a bit.

Just calmly search for it, don’t have, call to terminate. That’s it. No drama. No emotions. Even until now.

But I will miss the card, which has been through so much with me.

Maybe I’m too logical too? I have been nusing the card for so many online purchases so I think it’s good to get a new onee too (apparently it is going to take 3 days). I’m just hoping they keep the PayPass function? Cos I love doing self checkout at NTUC, haha.

So… That was the peculiar part of the day that I wanted to record about.

On a comforting note, when I told my dad my card was stolen, his response was, “Who ask you so….. have you made a police report?”

I really appreciate that he is changing. 🙂 In the past he would be saying how silly/careless I am to let that happen but today I actually felt like he care. So… A card in exchange for better relationship with my dad? Priceless.

LAST THING! Can I just commend how assuring POSB customer service personnel sounded? She was like, “Hi how can I help you.. Can I have your full name… xxx… Okay your card has been permanently terminated and we will mail a new one to you within 3 days. ”

Possibly one of the most constructive and assuring customer service in Singapore. And efficient, of course. Just wanted to point that out! Her firm attitude made me feel a lot less worried too. 🙂

So… Today wasn’t such a good day. But I still feel that I reaped a lot from the bad luck…? Hopefully everyone reading is having a good time unlike me!

Goodnight! :))))


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