#01042017 – Couldn’t help but pull a prank!

It’s April, my schedule is gradually freeing up and I’m gonna try to get back to my Daily Diary! 😀

Been rewatching Extreme Makeover on YouTube recently and feeling exceptionally inspired to change for the better.

One of the things that has been bugging me was the appearance of body acne on part of my body. It wasn’t that way previously and I couldn’t quite pinpoint the cause – Been changing my bedsheets even more frequently, changing clothes more frequently, showering with cold water instead of hot water, just to name a few.

At some point I guess I just gave up. Until recently, when I saw a forum post where the person wrote about visiting a doctor who gave her a shampoo bottle of chemical. It’s supposedly for hair, but the doctor said it would work for her case and sure it did.

Not sure why, but it’s that moment when it finally occurred to me to do the most basic thing I could have done in the first place – GOOGLE IT.

Then it was more looking around, when I found this Asepso soap bar on RedMart. Then, more Google-ing! Apparently someone blogged and raved about it helping her with her body acne and I decided to give it a try, since it’s so cheap. So here it is!


Guess I got a little into carried away during the first use? And instead of using on problem areas, I used as normal soap. Couldn’t kill, right?

HELL IT ITCHES. Had to use a lot of moisturiser post-bath to stop the itching. Maybe it’s drying for oily skin? So when I used it for my arms, it itched really badly. (T_T”)>

But surprisingly, it really helped to stop the discomfort on acne areas. Little by little, that is. Hopefully things would improve one week in! 🙂 So far I’d say it’s worth the money, but for people with dry/sensitive skin, STAY AWAY from this!


Spent a lot of time at home over the weekend for two reasons:

  1. No one was free to meet up
  2. It was April Fool and I was * scared.

By evening when I realized that not many people knew it was April Fool’s Day, I decided to prank my siblings. Heh.

I actually went to run errands at Nex but… The T-shirt I wanted to change size for, Uniqlo didn’t have that particular collection there. Wanted to activate my new bank card but there was a long queue.

So the trip to Nex was fun but also… not constructive at all. (dies laughing)

Anyway, by the time I was done roaming around, mum had knocked off from work and was meeting me for dinner. That’s when I decided to scare my brothers. (smirks)

I called my eldest brother while waiting for the train, telling him my parents and I are on the way to his area, cos we are meeting for dinner.

He went, “…huh?”

And then I kinda ridiculed him? And said like, you kidding ah? Or you forgot?? Don’t joke lei, dad also came, you forgot??

There was a moment of silence before he responded, “Okok I set off now.”

I was holding in my laughter on the train and quickly told him,”BRO BRO. WAIT. HAPPY APRIL FOOLS!”

I was so afraid he’d start calling Grab!! Then he just said BYE. How nice. (chuckles)

My elder brother was next but… I decided to call my sister-in-law, because talking to him on the phone is ZERO fun, with his short answers and constant desperation to end conversations and hang the phone. (-_-)

My sis-in-law was adorable too, and I could tell they had guests at home? But still, she just happily said, “Huh? I think your brother forgot!”

Simply because such incidents happen before! Then I quickly told her I was pranking her. I quickly ended the call so that she could entertain the guests, but instead, I texted her “kekekekeke”. Got called naughty! XD

So yes, this April Fool’s Day, I was the culprit! Pass me my trophy! *basks in glory*


Well, dinner with mum was much less enjoyable thanks to Manhattan Fish Market.

Their standards have been plummeting lately – long wait to be seated even when restaurant is empty, subpar utensils cleanliness and worst of all, the food quality.

Some weeks ago I had to write in to let them know one of their new dishes was simply a pool of grease and tonight, their “signature” cajun chicken wings are BURNT.

There was literally no other taste than just burnt. But this time around, mum said not to let the management team know (since it seems that they don’t give a damn anymore) and I guess MFMsg is officially written off my list of favourites. Now I just hope they’d close down soon to spare the space for some other worthy company.


Luckily, I did get some Chateraise goodies before leaving Nex, so dinner was salvaged! Their creme brulee was okay, better than the creme brulee swiss roll at least. 🙂


Have I mentioned how much I love Chateraise? Previously I saw another blogger saying that their cream isn’t filled fully so I decided to try it out myself. Mine was super full! #satisfied


That kinda concludes my first day of April! Lots of food, but I did workout at night so I guess it’s cool!


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