#09042017 – Perseverance Everyday

My workload and workout plans recently do not allow me to blog everyday, at least not this month. 😦 But there are still a few things on my mind that I want to share about.

  1. The responsible domestic worker

I was on the bus one day, when a domestic worker boarded the bus with two Caucasian children and they were all standing because the bus was packed. Boys being boys, the two kids were rather playful, fidgeting all around. From time to time, the maid turned around to tell them “don’t block the way”, “stand properly and hold on properly”, which struck me how responsible and alert she is.

Made a mental note to share about this incident because compared to what my teacher once said – a mother was with her son on the train and the latter was swinging around the pole. My teacher prompted the mum to get the son to stand still, but the mum said, “Did he fall? Did he hurt himself? Then what are you so worried about?”

Stark contrast in upbringing, thought-worthy comparison.

2. About working out plans

As I’ve said at the start of this post, I’ve been keeping myself busy with work and workout, the exercise kind of workout.

Initially when I started exploring my own gym bike, I planned to cycle at least three days per week. Then I realized the problem – I have an excuse called “tomorrow”. As work picked up pace in March, I practically skipped every chance I had to workout because, well, “tomorrow”.

So at the beginning of this month, I decided to try something new – exercise every single day. So I would have no excuse, I’d be like, what the hell, why haven’t you exercised today?

But the down part is that… My Daily Diary time became workout time, while catching up with TV shows. Recently really loving Late Night with Stephen Colbert and Sisters Slam Dunk season 2! Not to mention, GOT7 binge.

A week has passed and the routine has more or less settled down – no sleep until I’ve completed at least an hour of workout, whatever it is. Had fun with gym bike, hula hooping, core workout and stretching exercises. The biggest change I feel is that I feel more refreshed in the day, as if my brain has got more oxygen than it previously did, if that makes any sense. 🙂


One thing I kinda learn from the workouts is that… Life is like a workout. You can always tell yourself, you’d start living tomorrow. But you’re just wasting today. If you’re going to stop just because you feel pain, you’ll never surpass your limit or improve.

Just like working out, learn to persevere everyday – in pain or not, busy or not. 

3. Change in diet

Aside from the family get-togethers, I’ve been trying to make some changes to my diet too. Much less takeaway food, bringing plain water with me when dining out (to reduce intake of sweetened drinks) and also trying out food that I used to reject.

Some of my absolute… fear? Such as celery, beetroot, baby tomatoes… I can’t say I like them, especially beetroot, which made me smell soil for the subsequent hours, but still, it was worth the shot? My conclusion is juicing is the only way I’d ever consume them again. (inserts prayer)

DIY Boost Juice for the family – beetroot, celery, orange, apples, pear, baby tomatoes and carrot.

3. GOT7

Last but not least… Let me take some time to talk about GOT7. :))))

When I first heard of them I was like… wtf how do you even pronounce that? Incidentally, I started watching Dream High 2 and fell in love with JB. Not because of his character but because I feel that we are similar in some ways? The real JB, not the character in the story.

Then I started to find out about JJ Project and then GOT7. My absolute favourite thing about GOT7 is how they gel so well together and you can see how they care for one another through the little details – the hand gestures, how they cheer each other up, how they try to push the introverted ones into the limelight and cheer them on.

Don’t want to throw names out there but I have to say… There are a lot of talent in the Kpop industry. So many of them can sing, dance, ace variety, but there are some attitudes I don’t like, and some group dynamics that I have a problem with. Such as forming cliques within group ousting other members, one member getting all the attention, or some attitude problems where they don’t feel the need to do their best.

And GOT7 is the opposite. I appreciate how they have explored different music styles and image since their debut (from cute, cheeky to chic). I also appreciate how they work hard to show increasingly challenging and impactful choreographies. I like how they are sensitive to the feelings of each other and can get a good balance of fun, mutual respect and serious professionalism in their actual work.

There are going to be Kpop groups that produce good music. Some of them are going to be such heart-stealing visuals. But GOT7 charm lies in their positive and ever-improving attitude. They are constantly trying to get better in all aspects. 🙂

As the saying goes, there’s no bias in GOT7. Everyone of them is. :))

Jaebum for his big-hearted motherly leadership and introverted cuteness.
Jinyoung, who I didn’t like initially because of his straightforwardness, won my heart when I notice how sensitive he is to the needs and feelings of the other members.
Jackson for making a clown of himself to make shoots interesting, to protect members from MCs.
Mark for his quiet charm and now-increasingly-often outburts of energy. Not to mention, his tumbling, which has been perfect from YG-vs-JYP to date.
BamBam, who comes up with all the random things that become GOT7 traits. Also, how he worked hard to go from the maknae-cute to maknae-badass.
Youngjae, from the time he was so excited to be assigned a part in ‘A’ and talked about wanting to sing for the fans, till this day when his dancing is getting better, getting more protected and loved by his members, and rising to be one indisputable vocal talent. And ‘Sign’, my favourite slow-tempo GOT7 song.

That’s all. Nah, I’m kidding!

Of course there’s Hit the Stage Yugyeom who is seemingly savage but looks after his seniors with a special kind of warmth and tenderness. His passion for singing in Never Ever is also apparent, improving a whole lot since their debut. 🙂

At the end of the day… I guess I’m still #TeamJaebum. Or.. #TeamGOT7 . Yep.

4. Joker Xue

Speaking of GOT7, there’s another singer who caught my attention recently – Joker Xue. His performance caught my attention, his press conference attitude won my admiration and laughter, his life story earned my respect.



On the whole, all the stress aside, I’m feeling very positive and inspired lately.


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