GOT7 – My Swagger (The Little Details)

Yes I’m back on Labour Day!

And GOT7 decided to release ‘My Swagger’ so I couldn’t help it but share the little details I observed!

1. Jackson’s Cap days are back.

It’s been a while since I last saw Jackson with a cap on. Following his cap days, it was brushing his blonde hair back. But now the ‘A’ days are back!

GOT7 My Swagger 1

2. Yugyeom stole JB’s eyeshawdow

Not sure if it’s over-edit or intentional, but it seems like Yugyeom is taking over JB’s role as the eyeshadow in-charge. Glad they haven’t change his hairstyle!

GOT7 My Swagger 2

3. When BamBam watches TV, he watches himself.

As if there isn’t enough jokes about how BamBam loves himself, he has to be watching himself when watching the TV!

GOT7 My Swagger 3

*cues JB savage remarks*

GOT7 My Swagger 8

4. MarkJin moment

Didn’t bother trying to get a pretty screenshot because the whole scene of the two of them is heaven. 🙂 And finally, JiNyeongie has his turn in pink.

GOT7 My Swagger 4

5. GOT7 Signature Swag Roles

BamBam and Mark attacking the food, leader JB watching in ridicule as goofy Jackson answers a call via his shoe.

Side note: Looking at the amount of food left, I guess this scene took a bit of time. 🙂

GOT7 My Swagger 5

6. Mark, the last Mukbang survivor

BamBam’s in food coma and Mark’s still going strong. So I guess in the previous scene, he was the one who drank all that before this scene? Someone bring BamBam some water pls.

GOT7 My Swagger 6

7. Jackson Dab

I guess someone has to do it anyway. And since BamBam is held up by Mark’s mukbang show, GOT7 displayed an exemplary sense of teamwork – Jackson picked up where BamBam left off. *dabs*

GOT7 My Swagger 7

8. GOT7 – Endorsing all vehicles since 2014

Has anyone else noticed how there’s almost always a car in their MVs? Much like BAP with their gunfire scenes. Having a little time on my hand, here’s a little compilation.


“GOT7 – Endorsing all vehicles – be it luxurious, motorized skateboards, vandalized, flashy, vintage and even the ambulance.”

From what I’ve seen, the only MV without a car as accessory was Fly. I guess they forgot to borrow Arthur Weasley’s flying Ford Anglia. (chuckles)

But no, I mean, seriously. Even the color theme matches. I guess they really just FORGOT to key the car in!



You’re welcome, JYP.


9. Dream High 2 is back! #TributetoJJProject

This is actually what inspired this entire entry. JB and Jinyoung, you guys can feel awkward about the past all you want, but the choreographer can always make you do it again!

Never mind though, even Mr. Hit The Stage is doing it so I guess it’s cool again!

*cues Heartbreaker music*




giphy (2)


10. #IWannaSeeYoungjaeLeftFaceCampaign

My campaign is going strong! And nope, just because it’s mirrored doesn’t mean it’s left, dear Youngjae. (chuckles) But A for effort!

GOT7 My Swagger 9


Enjoy the song, everyone! And happy Labour holiday!


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