26112017 – So Friggin’ Over the Moon!

So overly happy at 1.30am plus that I had to login to write an entry!!

Back in poly days, I met a really great bunch of friends who, like me, enjoy giving back to the society and doing weird stuff together. Like… Stacking apples.

NP Leo.jpg

And writing encouraging notes for each other on the club whiteboard.*

*We are all in different courses, have different timetables and the club room is like one constant spot where we would all come by. So in a sense, the board is where we leave random messages, for fun and for encouragement. 

Back in secondary school, I was known as the “Arial Narrow” font. Guess which is mine!

I am not the best person when it comes to “keeping in touch”, especially when work got busier and busier. Once one of them called but I was rushing a pitch presentation at 2am? So I told her I couldn’t chat. Felt bad till this day but just never got around to making up for it. 😦


Moments earlier, one of my favourite person back then whatsapp-ed to let me know he’s settling down! Like, getting married!!

So friggin’ happy for him! :)))

In my six years of work, I’ve learnt to accept that some people would always be cold and distant. On the other hand, there will always be people who exudes a sense of warmth and friendliness, however long you know them. And you know, those are the keepers.

And this friend is one such example, such a genuine friend even after we graduated and went different ways. We don’t catch up regularly but when we do, it’s not patronizing bull*.

(That’s not a footnote asterisk, tsk.)


Quickly glanced through the old photos. Yes, that apple-stacking day again. HAHA.

When you know some friends to a certain level, you’d feel happy for them. Like… Even if it means watching afar! You’d be really, really happy that they are doing well, they are happy and all. That’s how I’m feeling!!


I was just passing by one of the places where we had Leo meetings back then!!

It’s so frickin’ fate. I haven’t been here in 8 years and when I did today, I get news that a great friend from that time is getting married. Aweeeeesome!!!

If any friend from that “era” is reading this, know that I miss you! Let’s find some time and meet for a chat! And I’m in the media industry, so don’t worry, I won’t try to sell you insurance, do survey or ask you to join Grab/Uber! 🙂


Earlier this week, I began part-time work at my former workplace and also for a new emerging events company, BigFoot Events.

So… We had to carry a super long poster from one place to another.

It was hilarious because

A) We’re trying to chat during the walk but we were too far apart, I couldn’t hear him, he couldn’t hear me. At one point we just gave up.

B) The banner was super long and we had to manoeuvre (I googled how to spell this) along the tiny walkway with people and cyclists passing by.

C) My boss told me in advance about this manual labour calling it embarrassing but as it turns out, my former workplace boss was right – he didn’t find it embarrassing. He was happily taking photos. Kekeke

WhatsApp Image 2017-11-25 at 8.39.44 PM

So at the end of the day, he sent me this POV. And coincidentally, I took one from my POV too. (lowkey dies of laughter)

And yes, that’s the reason why I got to revisit the Leo club meeting place from 8 years ago. Isn’t fate so interesting sometimes? 🙂


So… Why did you leave your former workplace?

I’ve been asked this question umpteen times in the past 6 years.

Depending on the person asking and the circumstances, I have different answers and that made me gradually realize how important a decision it was back then.

I’m not an adventurous person. I hate travelling overseas. But back then, I discovered that there’s something even scarier than the unknown – the comfort zone.

The state of being where you enjoy what you do and/or are used to what you do, and like  a switch, it turns off your sense of adventure and exploration, your fighting spirit and your ability to feel happiness with what you have.

I have to say, I’m SUPER lucky. That my former boss hired me when I hadn’t even graduated from school, and took baby steps with me to encourage me to grow.

But at some point in time, I got comfortable. Comfortable that’s more than what’s healthy. I feared change, feared having to be the decision-maker when I have these people as my safety net.

Among other reasons, I decided to leave. To venture out into the unknown. To hold myself accountable.

YOLOsg made me be the one in-charge. There is only one stage, one spotlight and one person responsible. There was no place for me to hide. First it was pretending to be strong. Until I accepted the state of being where I make being emotionally strong in professional work environment a habit. Of course, I still falter now and then but… I’m getting there. 🙂

Leaving the awesome workplace back then, was like emptying everything that filled my life and my heart. Venturing out was filling myself with different things, and now that I have returned to where I left, I have different things to give.

And I love that. That’s the most awesome part about work – knowing that you have something to contribute, to give, to help pull something off. That’s what keeps me alive. The feeling that being alive is meaningful.

When you wake up everyday knowing that you have something to give, you don’t think about putting an end to your life. You think about what you can do for yourself to prolong your length of contribution, and for others to have a better life.

I am slower than others, but a step in the right direction is what counts, isn’t it?

Being back to where I left 6 years ago, and still having the time to do the other things that I love – I’m super SUPER SUPER SUPER grateful for the way that things are working out this year.

If you’re reading this, I hope you’d feel a little happiness from mine, and live each day with your own fighting spirit! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!



Afterthought: Celebrating Life Exhibition


Came to know about this exhibition last weekend, and decided to drop by with my best friend.

I have always been interested in the subject of death – from casual interest like watching CSI to serious learning via documentaries. Aside from my own grandparents’, I haven’t exactly seen corpses in close distance.

What was I expecting from the exhibition?

To learn more about the other perspective. Other countries have commented a lot about Singapore – lack of freedom, full of laws and regulations, and inhumane in carrying out death sentences. In a sense, I get it. I understand that other countries may have more freedom but it’s like families, isn’t it? Some people are born in richer families, but the others may have more of something else too. Just because I don’t agree to what pro-life supporters think, doesn’t mean I should shut them out completely.

What’s my own perspective?

I am, without a shadow of doubt, a pro-death sentence person.


I count myself fortunate for having a friend who is mature and close enough to agree to visit such exhibitions with me, instead of movie and shopping. (Well, we also did that eventually)

Going through the exhibition, we discussed a lot and in-depth. She knows more about the penitentiary and type of death sentences carried out in Taiwan, while I know more about those in the US (thanks to documentaries online).

What struck me about the exhibition was… How much emphasis is placed on the ‘what ifs’ and ‘mistakes’ – xx was convicted, later found innocent; xx was just juvenile when he committed murder; xx was poor and poorly educated.

Scenario #1: The innocent who suffered

Yes, there will always be wrong sentences. As much as our parents may wrongly accuse/assume us of doing something wrong, as much as our teachers may blame the wrong students every now and then. But does that mean we have to omit all punishments, because some may actually be innocent?

Scenario #2: Those convicted were born poor/poorly educated

Every single human being is created different, but even children from the same pair of parents and raised in the same environment can turn out different. You can be poor but still willing to learn. You can be rich but choose to waste your life away. There is no guaranteed link to how being well-educated = successful in life and clean record.

In fact, my parents did not receive much education. My mum only finished primary school and my dad was from ITE. Even in harsh growing conditions, my mum is one of the most motivated keen learner I know and my dad, the smartest person I know who taught himself the many skills he has.

Scenario #3: They were young when they committed the crimes

Maybe I’m harsh but I don’t ever believe that juveniles should escape the death sentence just because they are young. In minor cases like theft and statutory rape, yeah, you can say that they aren’t matured enough to exercise self-control. But murder?

At what age is murder okay?



I am fully aware of how cruel death sentences can be. Like the guy who was sentenced to death in Singapore because drug was found in the rented vehicle he drove to Singapore. I feel sorry and regretful for his family who lost a member.

But on a more objective note, I felt that such sentences are important. As the first of its kind, it sets the standard for cases that follow. If this is excusable, drug trafficking via rented vehicle becomes a loophole in our system.

I couldn’t help but think of death penalty like the meat industry. We know it’s cruel, we try our best to avoid the cruelty but when it’s a necessity, we try to do it the most humane way possible. It’s not like we are torturing them in the worst way possible to ensure maximum suffering. In a sense, it’s civilized…?

Most importantly for me, it’s something we held on to that is actually effective in keeping our country one of the safest in the world. On the flip side, as my friend and I were discussing, the so-called pro-life hasn’t convinced us that it helps to turn someone around just because they are past adolescent, or because they were given a second chance.

From a victim’s perspective, how am I supposed to feel safe knowing that even with death sentence, they may be released on parole some time down the road?



Why this exhibition doesn’t work in Singapore

At the end of our visit, we had a brief chat with a representative of the organizing team. But the brief chat briefly infuriated me (deep down), which leads me to my next point – reflecting on why this exhibition doesn’t work in Singapore and hasn’t changed my perspective on pro-death penalty.

  1. Cultural differences

    To be honest, what first drew me to this exhibition was the photographer being a Japanese. It is surprising because I don’t see it as a surprise coming from a Westerner, but Asian? Yeah.

    So I did a quick read-up (emphasis: briefly) about him and then ah, I see why. An Asian, but based in New York.

    There is a huge gap in our cultures – from what I see, the Westerners are more outspoken, they are quicker to develop a sense of passion and justice. Take the US for example, they are more compelled to voice out their opinions, protest, and not to mention the many hashtag movements like #BlackLivesMatter, #TakeAKnee, #Kony2012 and #MeToo.

    In Singapore, we are taught to be more focused on our country’s development, economic and financial situation. We are taught to be logical so we’re more likely to be passive, thinking, yes you go on the streets to shout. Then what? 

    In a TL;DR sense, I’d think that many Singaporeans relate death penalty to justice and overall nation security. Pro-life and seem like a humane country but criminals not served justice, hence condone crimes – that seems to be the underlying mindset that the organizers have to realize people have.

    On the contrary, the westerners have a much stronger cause for pro-life, such as criminal and racial discrimination that led to lack of faith in their system.

    Why would Singaporeans be against something that has kept us safe all these years?

  2. Lack of understanding of target audience

    What irked me about the brief conversation with the organizing representative, was how they assumed that Singaporeans are ignorant. It pissed me off real bad.

    The argument was that Singapore is part of the minority globally that still carries out death penalty and that Singaporeans are supporting something of which is cruelty that we are not aware of.

    Call me the minority for all I care, but no, I actually do some reading up on the matter. I feel a little cheated in a sense that despite being pro-death penalty, I have taken time to understand the details – I’ve seen hanging demonstration in Malaysia, I’ve read up on the different means like death by lethal injection, execution, electrocution, etc.

    And you’re trying to convince me through your exhibition, on the grounds that you’re here to educate us that we are making an ignorant and inhumane mistake? Have you taken the time to understand our perspective, empathize with us and then build your argument? Maybe you should try that.

  3. Lack of convincing statistics and studies

    I understand that it’s a photography exhibition but with its agenda, I was hoping to see more statistics, follow-up observations and study reports.

    For example, there were photos of criminals who were given the death penalty and found to be innocent. What percentage per year? What percentage per region, say, in US compared to Asia?

    You say that juveniles should be given a chance. So what percentage of them grow up to become “normal” and/or successful, and/or percentage of them end up going in and out of prison later on in their lives? What worked and what didn’t?

    Which leads me to my next point –

  4. Overwhelming sense of minority rights

    Without solid statistics to back up the agenda, it almost feels as if it’s a cry for the minority that the system failed to do justice for. And when that is the case, it doesn’t make sense for Singaporeans to convert, because they don’t see the benefit for the majority, which sadly, is what matters logically. We’re not trying to be perfect, we’re trying to be functional.

  5. The balance in Singapore

    The last point I felt that made this exhibition ineffective for Singaporeans, is because of our trust in our system. As our Ministry of Home Affairs has once clarified, the death penalty has been effective in keeping our country safe and is only for serious offends.

    For Singaporeans like me, we know that our death penalty hasn’t been given out loosely – we’re not killing people on a large liberal scale, and we’ve kept to a certain benchmark.

    In a sense, you can call our system imperfect, but it is one that’s functioning well with the faith of the people. There is no huge gap for this pro-life campaign to fill in and potentially overturn the system.

  6. Globalization

    Just an add-on from what I recall being told – that compared to some countries in our region, only about 70+% of Singaporeans support the death penalty, which is why they came to Singapore.

    I see that as an effect of foreigners influx to our nation, bringing their cultures, values and mindset with them. But has anything in the past 10 years impacted the true Singaporeans’ perspective?

    If anything, our lack of tolerance for murders like in the Huang Na case and for drug traffickers have upheld our nation’s reputation.



It’s almost 5am as I write till this point, so you see how compelled I feel about writing this review. As with what we were taught in school, I think it’s important to think about…

What would have made this exhibition more effective?

  1. An agenda adjustment

    Instead of a campaign-like event in hope of changing what people believe in, move the focus to education. You know how beauty parlors are touting their products but they always say it’s just to let you know how effective this is and you don’t necessarily have to buy it?

    Educate. Be more open-ended to leave space for reflections, discussions and suggestions. Take a step back from the current more-extreme perspective to connect with the majority.

  2. Get back to a layman’s ground

    Maybe I’ve misunderstood, but from the exhibition, it feels like the photographer was a commercial photographer who moved to focus on this issue? I would think that it would be great if he could take a step back and get back to the industry, to try different types of work.

    Like why our MPs attend community gatherings, it brings them back to the people, the foundation of the society, instead of being cooped up as a bunch in the parliament.

  3. Be more engaging

    Like what our government is doing, but hopefully in a less-cringey way.

    In recent years, it seems that our government has been trying hard to relate complicated issues like CPF and Medisave to our people in simpler terms that we are familiar with – short films, comic brochures, engaging/heartwarming (cringeworthy) ads, instead of the news presenter formal way.

    I understand that black and white photos can be impactful, but it gets a little depressing and disconnecting seeing a gallery in full black and white. Add life to the issue of pro-life! Show the warmth with the family whose child escaped the sentence, the good, the bad, the controversial, the personal, not just what benefits your agenda. It would make a much more balanced and well-rounded argument and fair analysis of the situation too.


The exhibition in Singapore has concluded but you can read more about it here, here and here.

#24062017 – Anxiety & Stability

I still remember the days when my friends and I were sending 2016 off – goodbye 2016, thanks for making us so ridiculously busy! 

As it turns out, 2017 has only gotten even more hectic. 

My sister-in-law gave birth to the first grandchild of my family and we are all busy making sure things go right for pregnancy, confinement and being the Public Relations Office in face of family and friends with their well-wishes. 

It is a little surreal. Some time after the birth of our first 3rd generation member, the Taiwanese director Qi Bolin passed away during recce trip. 

You know how some older relatives would comment that we only show up during CNY? So I took the effort to visit her some time last week. 

It was a weird meeting up. She used to be so worrisome and pessimistic, cautious about everything she eats. But when we met, she became cheery, outgoing and gave me a red packet. 

It’s some money memento for your keepsake!

My mum wanted to treat her to a good meal and I told the old lady, it’s too spicy afterall. You’re at this age so don’t eat too much in case you feel discomfort later. 

The usual response from her would be one of fear, of logic, saying yes she wouldnt eat too much, that she is worried too. 

But no. 

She said she has lived till this age, that she wants to live out the rest of her life as she deems fit. Late life #YOLO, that is. 

When I got home later that day and open the red packet, it was some vintage Singapore coins and notes. But somehow my heart wouldnt stop hurting. 

It almost feels like a goodbye. 

Then something jolted my memory. Whilr we were talking about the latest addition to our family (granddaughter) by my eldest brother, she said she wouldnt have the time to see my elder brother’s. 

But you have to. You got to live till his grandchild graduates from Poly! 

…because that is the biggest wound of my life without grandparents. But she said somewhat firmly, that she doesnt have time anymore. 

My heart has been so heavy these days. 

Here is a new little life just starting and there… seems to be an end. Somehow it is making me emotionally unstable and anxious. I cant sleep. I cant function 100%. 

I need some peace. 

GOT7 – My Swagger (The Little Details)

Yes I’m back on Labour Day!

And GOT7 decided to release ‘My Swagger’ so I couldn’t help it but share the little details I observed!

1. Jackson’s Cap days are back.

It’s been a while since I last saw Jackson with a cap on. Following his cap days, it was brushing his blonde hair back. But now the ‘A’ days are back!

GOT7 My Swagger 1

2. Yugyeom stole JB’s eyeshawdow

Not sure if it’s over-edit or intentional, but it seems like Yugyeom is taking over JB’s role as the eyeshadow in-charge. Glad they haven’t change his hairstyle!

GOT7 My Swagger 2

3. When BamBam watches TV, he watches himself.

As if there isn’t enough jokes about how BamBam loves himself, he has to be watching himself when watching the TV!

GOT7 My Swagger 3

*cues JB savage remarks*

GOT7 My Swagger 8

4. MarkJin moment

Didn’t bother trying to get a pretty screenshot because the whole scene of the two of them is heaven. 🙂 And finally, JiNyeongie has his turn in pink.

GOT7 My Swagger 4

5. GOT7 Signature Swag Roles

BamBam and Mark attacking the food, leader JB watching in ridicule as goofy Jackson answers a call via his shoe.

Side note: Looking at the amount of food left, I guess this scene took a bit of time. 🙂

GOT7 My Swagger 5

6. Mark, the last Mukbang survivor

BamBam’s in food coma and Mark’s still going strong. So I guess in the previous scene, he was the one who drank all that before this scene? Someone bring BamBam some water pls.

GOT7 My Swagger 6

7. Jackson Dab

I guess someone has to do it anyway. And since BamBam is held up by Mark’s mukbang show, GOT7 displayed an exemplary sense of teamwork – Jackson picked up where BamBam left off. *dabs*

GOT7 My Swagger 7

8. GOT7 – Endorsing all vehicles since 2014

Has anyone else noticed how there’s almost always a car in their MVs? Much like BAP with their gunfire scenes. Having a little time on my hand, here’s a little compilation.


“GOT7 – Endorsing all vehicles – be it luxurious, motorized skateboards, vandalized, flashy, vintage and even the ambulance.”

From what I’ve seen, the only MV without a car as accessory was Fly. I guess they forgot to borrow Arthur Weasley’s flying Ford Anglia. (chuckles)

But no, I mean, seriously. Even the color theme matches. I guess they really just FORGOT to key the car in!



You’re welcome, JYP.


9. Dream High 2 is back! #TributetoJJProject

This is actually what inspired this entire entry. JB and Jinyoung, you guys can feel awkward about the past all you want, but the choreographer can always make you do it again!

Never mind though, even Mr. Hit The Stage is doing it so I guess it’s cool again!

*cues Heartbreaker music*




giphy (2)


10. #IWannaSeeYoungjaeLeftFaceCampaign

My campaign is going strong! And nope, just because it’s mirrored doesn’t mean it’s left, dear Youngjae. (chuckles) But A for effort!

GOT7 My Swagger 9


Enjoy the song, everyone! And happy Labour holiday!

#11042017 – Disturbed & Powerless

Note: This entry is a little dark and depressing, please don’t read it at the start of your day. But… It’s thought-worthy.

A couple of things have been bugging me these few days.

  1. United Airlines incident

I first saw the news on Twitter when one local blogger tweeted his response to the incident. Then man, how disturbed I was by the incident. In fact, the clip haunted me for the whole day.

To be honest, one of the reasons was because the victim was an Asian guy. The first thing that came to my mind was, how would I feel if I were treated this way in a foreign land? And also, how awful and aggravated I would be if this were my dad.

I’ve been reading a lot and waiting for the news reports – the guy’s a physician/doctor and had to get back for his patient in the morning, how the airline offered money compensation, how 4 people were chosen randomly, what the CEO said, etc.

I wish there were more communication. I don’t know if the victim can speak English well, but I wished that the airline staff had taken time to learn about why he doesn’t want to get off the plane – for his patient. I mean, if you were to tell me to get off, I wouldn’t but if you told me, here’s a doctor who has to get back for his patient, can anyone with in a less urgent circumstance please give up their seat? I would, because yes I want to go home but when you put “need to be on this plane” in this perspective, I would understand that my case is less urgent than his.

The hypocrisy/powerless generation. Another thing that bugged me was the lady who was exclaiming in horror and the people scurrying to get out their phone to film the victim being dragged off the plane. There’s the classic question of why didn’t anyone step in? Because of selfish reasons? Didn’t want to stand up for what’s right if it means I’d have to lose my seat or be arrested? Or simply, oh they’re bullying him but I want my seat?

In this day and age, kinda thankfully, we have technology and are empowered to take photos, videos and audio recordings to protect our own rights. Then again, it also seems to be making people powerless because all they do is record. In many cases, not to bring the matter to light for justice but rather, hey I was there, I show you this clip I captured. Suddenly we lose our voice, and stop using actions. Instead, all we do is record, and it’s not just this case I’m talking about. What has become of humanity?

The corporation. They were replacing passengers with employees. I think The Points Guy made a very good point – Chicago is the headquarters for United Airlines. Don’t they have any other alternative solution to their staffing problem? Can’t they offer their employees an alternative solution? Also, couldn’t they increase the compensation amount?

The wound is still fresh. And the aftermath left me even more disgusted and disturbed. Jimmy Kimmel and Ellen Degeneres quickly raised the issue on their shows and I really wanted to get their (eventually disappointing) perspectives. It disturbed me that the audience was laughing when they showed the clip of the victim being dragged off the plane. It disturbed me when Ellen made the joke about someone in her audience having to give up their seat, about the in-flight movie and also putting the focus on the yoga pants incident, which was also incorrectly presented.

What happened to the core of the Ellen Show where she always say be kind to one another? Doesn’t she (or her team of writers) see how that incident was unkind and inhumane and all details aside, point that out, instead of laughing about it? The yoga pants incident was because they were not paying customers and there are rules they have to adhere to.

It’s the little bits of insensitivity that disturbed me – I get where you’re going with the satire and sarcasm, but isn’t the wound a little too fresh to be laughed at this way? Would you laugh if this was YOUR mother being dragged off the plane?

One thing I appreciate was Jimmy Kimmel giving the example of Applebee’s, which at the very least, helped people to put things into perspective better.

The judgmental media. The last bit that disturbed me was how some journalists/websites chose to cover and follow up on the incident, and the worst of all was The Courier Journal that reported how the doctor had a disturbing past, totally irrelevant to THIS incident. Did he commit those crimes on the flight? Why should they matter in this case? He is a victim and he has been through enough, and you have to dig up on his past. For? So if you’ve once done something wrong, you deserve to be treated inhumanely? Shame on you.

On the flipside, I appreciate the media outlets who are putting the focus on the law and what loopholes are currently present. They may not be changed now but little by little, someday the situation would change. Also, to highlight the guidelines on carriage, passengers’ rights and the maximum amount the airline could have compensated – it gives you all the boundaries and facts, and let you make the judgement.

One last thing – I kind of don’t understand why the officer who grabbed the guy was put on leave. He was executing orders from the real guilty parties – the airlines, the employees. It seems to me that he was put on leave to appease people, aka, another innocent victim in this case where the corporation is at fault – poor booking system, poor communication, poor service, poor compensation, poor solution and poor attitude.

2. Qingming Festival

There is another powerless incident that bugged me this Qingming Festival.

My parents and I went to a temple to make some food offerings. Many old people were at the temple and visiting the columbarium. As I was feeling nauseous and waited outside the columbarium, I noticed the guard telling people to be careful of the step.

Then, an old man was stepping out and as the step was a little high, his knees were weak and he almost fell. Thankfully, his family quickly helped him up.

I kept thinking about the incident the whole day – there’s close to a month of people coming in and out, and this is a problem a simple ramp can solve. Doesn’t that make more sense than telling everyone coming out to be careful?

I asked one of the staff member, who said I should raise a suggestion to their head, who can then evaluate the situation.

I’m sorry but it made NO sense to me. It just struck me how powerless people are becoming, or at least, feeling. It’s like your light at home has fused and instead of just buying a replacement, you start to “give suggestion” and then make budget planning, while living with the inconvenience. What has happened to our country and our people?

I am going to try and solve that problem, one way or another. Because it makes more sense and I don’t want the media ever writing that someone fell to death at a temple again. Not when the problem can be easily resolved.

#09042017 – Perseverance Everyday

My workload and workout plans recently do not allow me to blog everyday, at least not this month. 😦 But there are still a few things on my mind that I want to share about.

  1. The responsible domestic worker

I was on the bus one day, when a domestic worker boarded the bus with two Caucasian children and they were all standing because the bus was packed. Boys being boys, the two kids were rather playful, fidgeting all around. From time to time, the maid turned around to tell them “don’t block the way”, “stand properly and hold on properly”, which struck me how responsible and alert she is.

Made a mental note to share about this incident because compared to what my teacher once said – a mother was with her son on the train and the latter was swinging around the pole. My teacher prompted the mum to get the son to stand still, but the mum said, “Did he fall? Did he hurt himself? Then what are you so worried about?”

Stark contrast in upbringing, thought-worthy comparison.

2. About working out plans

As I’ve said at the start of this post, I’ve been keeping myself busy with work and workout, the exercise kind of workout.

Initially when I started exploring my own gym bike, I planned to cycle at least three days per week. Then I realized the problem – I have an excuse called “tomorrow”. As work picked up pace in March, I practically skipped every chance I had to workout because, well, “tomorrow”.

So at the beginning of this month, I decided to try something new – exercise every single day. So I would have no excuse, I’d be like, what the hell, why haven’t you exercised today?

But the down part is that… My Daily Diary time became workout time, while catching up with TV shows. Recently really loving Late Night with Stephen Colbert and Sisters Slam Dunk season 2! Not to mention, GOT7 binge.

A week has passed and the routine has more or less settled down – no sleep until I’ve completed at least an hour of workout, whatever it is. Had fun with gym bike, hula hooping, core workout and stretching exercises. The biggest change I feel is that I feel more refreshed in the day, as if my brain has got more oxygen than it previously did, if that makes any sense. 🙂


One thing I kinda learn from the workouts is that… Life is like a workout. You can always tell yourself, you’d start living tomorrow. But you’re just wasting today. If you’re going to stop just because you feel pain, you’ll never surpass your limit or improve.

Just like working out, learn to persevere everyday – in pain or not, busy or not. 

3. Change in diet

Aside from the family get-togethers, I’ve been trying to make some changes to my diet too. Much less takeaway food, bringing plain water with me when dining out (to reduce intake of sweetened drinks) and also trying out food that I used to reject.

Some of my absolute… fear? Such as celery, beetroot, baby tomatoes… I can’t say I like them, especially beetroot, which made me smell soil for the subsequent hours, but still, it was worth the shot? My conclusion is juicing is the only way I’d ever consume them again. (inserts prayer)

DIY Boost Juice for the family – beetroot, celery, orange, apples, pear, baby tomatoes and carrot.

3. GOT7

Last but not least… Let me take some time to talk about GOT7. :))))

When I first heard of them I was like… wtf how do you even pronounce that? Incidentally, I started watching Dream High 2 and fell in love with JB. Not because of his character but because I feel that we are similar in some ways? The real JB, not the character in the story.

Then I started to find out about JJ Project and then GOT7. My absolute favourite thing about GOT7 is how they gel so well together and you can see how they care for one another through the little details – the hand gestures, how they cheer each other up, how they try to push the introverted ones into the limelight and cheer them on.

Don’t want to throw names out there but I have to say… There are a lot of talent in the Kpop industry. So many of them can sing, dance, ace variety, but there are some attitudes I don’t like, and some group dynamics that I have a problem with. Such as forming cliques within group ousting other members, one member getting all the attention, or some attitude problems where they don’t feel the need to do their best.

And GOT7 is the opposite. I appreciate how they have explored different music styles and image since their debut (from cute, cheeky to chic). I also appreciate how they work hard to show increasingly challenging and impactful choreographies. I like how they are sensitive to the feelings of each other and can get a good balance of fun, mutual respect and serious professionalism in their actual work.

There are going to be Kpop groups that produce good music. Some of them are going to be such heart-stealing visuals. But GOT7 charm lies in their positive and ever-improving attitude. They are constantly trying to get better in all aspects. 🙂

As the saying goes, there’s no bias in GOT7. Everyone of them is. :))

Jaebum for his big-hearted motherly leadership and introverted cuteness.
Jinyoung, who I didn’t like initially because of his straightforwardness, won my heart when I notice how sensitive he is to the needs and feelings of the other members.
Jackson for making a clown of himself to make shoots interesting, to protect members from MCs.
Mark for his quiet charm and now-increasingly-often outburts of energy. Not to mention, his tumbling, which has been perfect from YG-vs-JYP to date.
BamBam, who comes up with all the random things that become GOT7 traits. Also, how he worked hard to go from the maknae-cute to maknae-badass.
Youngjae, from the time he was so excited to be assigned a part in ‘A’ and talked about wanting to sing for the fans, till this day when his dancing is getting better, getting more protected and loved by his members, and rising to be one indisputable vocal talent. And ‘Sign’, my favourite slow-tempo GOT7 song.

That’s all. Nah, I’m kidding!

Of course there’s Hit the Stage Yugyeom who is seemingly savage but looks after his seniors with a special kind of warmth and tenderness. His passion for singing in Never Ever is also apparent, improving a whole lot since their debut. 🙂

At the end of the day… I guess I’m still #TeamJaebum. Or.. #TeamGOT7 . Yep.

4. Joker Xue

Speaking of GOT7, there’s another singer who caught my attention recently – Joker Xue. His performance caught my attention, his press conference attitude won my admiration and laughter, his life story earned my respect.



On the whole, all the stress aside, I’m feeling very positive and inspired lately.

#02042017 – Written on my face

Nothing interesting happened today because I was staying at home doing some work while re-binge-watching Extreme Makeover Weightloss edition. 🙂

But there is a funny incident I wanted to share! 

I was out by myself to make a sales delivery, and my earphones were plugged in to avoid conversations with salespeople.

I did some walking around, had my lunch before heading to the interchange to take a bus home. 

Recently I have been using bus journeys as a touch-up station to curb my travel anxiety. So I was putting on lip balm… lip vitamin.. moisturizer and hair essence, but I was very lowkey! 

Suddenly a lady who was seated at the back of the bus suddenly came forward and sat beside me. 

My first thought was… 

Is she going to ask what brand moisturizer I am using?

Because I have been asked so many times. XD

Then I gradually took out my earphones to process what she was saying. 

She asked, “You know Chinese right?” 

‘Um.. yeah?’ 

Then she went on to ask me for help with translation, no joke! 

It was SO random that I idiotically replied “huh”. 

Deep down I was hoping for a “aiyah never mind then thanks” but NO. 

She started telling me her FULL STORY – something about… getting loans, 60k, some grants can apply, 45k… 20k… 30k.. 30%… 20%… maximum minimum. 

Thankfully, I managed to answer her question! (In actual fact she didnt have to throw all the numbers at me tbh)


Kinda burst out laughing after she alighted, and continued laughing my way home. 

But damn, I got home and looked in the mirror… generic plain tee.. generic jeans… generic bag… generic hairtie… I LOOK NORMAL! 

To be honest I was a little proud that I managed to answer her question but I hope this doesnt ever happen again. It is a little creepy! (Sweats)