26112017 – So Friggin’ Over the Moon!

So overly happy at 1.30am plus that I had to login to write an entry!!

Back in poly days, I met a really great bunch of friends who, like me, enjoy giving back to the society and doing weird stuff together. Like… Stacking apples.

NP Leo.jpg

And writing encouraging notes for each other on the club whiteboard.*

*We are all in different courses, have different timetables and the club room is like one constant spot where we would all come by. So in a sense, the board is where we leave random messages, for fun and for encouragement. 

Back in secondary school, I was known as the “Arial Narrow” font. Guess which is mine!

I am not the best person when it comes to “keeping in touch”, especially when work got busier and busier. Once one of them called but I was rushing a pitch presentation at 2am? So I told her I couldn’t chat. Felt bad till this day but just never got around to making up for it. 😦


Moments earlier, one of my favourite person back then whatsapp-ed to let me know he’s settling down! Like, getting married!!

So friggin’ happy for him! :)))

In my six years of work, I’ve learnt to accept that some people would always be cold and distant. On the other hand, there will always be people who exudes a sense of warmth and friendliness, however long you know them. And you know, those are the keepers.

And this friend is one such example, such a genuine friend even after we graduated and went different ways. We don’t catch up regularly but when we do, it’s not patronizing bull*.

(That’s not a footnote asterisk, tsk.)


Quickly glanced through the old photos. Yes, that apple-stacking day again. HAHA.

When you know some friends to a certain level, you’d feel happy for them. Like… Even if it means watching afar! You’d be really, really happy that they are doing well, they are happy and all. That’s how I’m feeling!!


I was just passing by one of the places where we had Leo meetings back then!!

It’s so frickin’ fate. I haven’t been here in 8 years and when I did today, I get news that a great friend from that time is getting married. Aweeeeesome!!!

If any friend from that “era” is reading this, know that I miss you! Let’s find some time and meet for a chat! And I’m in the media industry, so don’t worry, I won’t try to sell you insurance, do survey or ask you to join Grab/Uber! 🙂


Earlier this week, I began part-time work at my former workplace and also for a new emerging events company, BigFoot Events.

So… We had to carry a super long poster from one place to another.

It was hilarious because

A) We’re trying to chat during the walk but we were too far apart, I couldn’t hear him, he couldn’t hear me. At one point we just gave up.

B) The banner was super long and we had to manoeuvre (I googled how to spell this) along the tiny walkway with people and cyclists passing by.

C) My boss told me in advance about this manual labour calling it embarrassing but as it turns out, my former workplace boss was right – he didn’t find it embarrassing. He was happily taking photos. Kekeke

WhatsApp Image 2017-11-25 at 8.39.44 PM

So at the end of the day, he sent me this POV. And coincidentally, I took one from my POV too. (lowkey dies of laughter)

And yes, that’s the reason why I got to revisit the Leo club meeting place from 8 years ago. Isn’t fate so interesting sometimes? 🙂


So… Why did you leave your former workplace?

I’ve been asked this question umpteen times in the past 6 years.

Depending on the person asking and the circumstances, I have different answers and that made me gradually realize how important a decision it was back then.

I’m not an adventurous person. I hate travelling overseas. But back then, I discovered that there’s something even scarier than the unknown – the comfort zone.

The state of being where you enjoy what you do and/or are used to what you do, and like  a switch, it turns off your sense of adventure and exploration, your fighting spirit and your ability to feel happiness with what you have.

I have to say, I’m SUPER lucky. That my former boss hired me when I hadn’t even graduated from school, and took baby steps with me to encourage me to grow.

But at some point in time, I got comfortable. Comfortable that’s more than what’s healthy. I feared change, feared having to be the decision-maker when I have these people as my safety net.

Among other reasons, I decided to leave. To venture out into the unknown. To hold myself accountable.

YOLOsg made me be the one in-charge. There is only one stage, one spotlight and one person responsible. There was no place for me to hide. First it was pretending to be strong. Until I accepted the state of being where I make being emotionally strong in professional work environment a habit. Of course, I still falter now and then but… I’m getting there. 🙂

Leaving the awesome workplace back then, was like emptying everything that filled my life and my heart. Venturing out was filling myself with different things, and now that I have returned to where I left, I have different things to give.

And I love that. That’s the most awesome part about work – knowing that you have something to contribute, to give, to help pull something off. That’s what keeps me alive. The feeling that being alive is meaningful.

When you wake up everyday knowing that you have something to give, you don’t think about putting an end to your life. You think about what you can do for yourself to prolong your length of contribution, and for others to have a better life.

I am slower than others, but a step in the right direction is what counts, isn’t it?

Being back to where I left 6 years ago, and still having the time to do the other things that I love – I’m super SUPER SUPER SUPER grateful for the way that things are working out this year.

If you’re reading this, I hope you’d feel a little happiness from mine, and live each day with your own fighting spirit! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!



#11042017 – Disturbed & Powerless

Note: This entry is a little dark and depressing, please don’t read it at the start of your day. But… It’s thought-worthy.

A couple of things have been bugging me these few days.

  1. United Airlines incident

I first saw the news on Twitter when one local blogger tweeted his response to the incident. Then man, how disturbed I was by the incident. In fact, the clip haunted me for the whole day.

To be honest, one of the reasons was because the victim was an Asian guy. The first thing that came to my mind was, how would I feel if I were treated this way in a foreign land? And also, how awful and aggravated I would be if this were my dad.

I’ve been reading a lot and waiting for the news reports – the guy’s a physician/doctor and had to get back for his patient in the morning, how the airline offered money compensation, how 4 people were chosen randomly, what the CEO said, etc.

I wish there were more communication. I don’t know if the victim can speak English well, but I wished that the airline staff had taken time to learn about why he doesn’t want to get off the plane – for his patient. I mean, if you were to tell me to get off, I wouldn’t but if you told me, here’s a doctor who has to get back for his patient, can anyone with in a less urgent circumstance please give up their seat? I would, because yes I want to go home but when you put “need to be on this plane” in this perspective, I would understand that my case is less urgent than his.

The hypocrisy/powerless generation. Another thing that bugged me was the lady who was exclaiming in horror and the people scurrying to get out their phone to film the victim being dragged off the plane. There’s the classic question of why didn’t anyone step in? Because of selfish reasons? Didn’t want to stand up for what’s right if it means I’d have to lose my seat or be arrested? Or simply, oh they’re bullying him but I want my seat?

In this day and age, kinda thankfully, we have technology and are empowered to take photos, videos and audio recordings to protect our own rights. Then again, it also seems to be making people powerless because all they do is record. In many cases, not to bring the matter to light for justice but rather, hey I was there, I show you this clip I captured. Suddenly we lose our voice, and stop using actions. Instead, all we do is record, and it’s not just this case I’m talking about. What has become of humanity?

The corporation. They were replacing passengers with employees. I think The Points Guy made a very good point – Chicago is the headquarters for United Airlines. Don’t they have any other alternative solution to their staffing problem? Can’t they offer their employees an alternative solution? Also, couldn’t they increase the compensation amount?

The wound is still fresh. And the aftermath left me even more disgusted and disturbed. Jimmy Kimmel and Ellen Degeneres quickly raised the issue on their shows and I really wanted to get their (eventually disappointing) perspectives. It disturbed me that the audience was laughing when they showed the clip of the victim being dragged off the plane. It disturbed me when Ellen made the joke about someone in her audience having to give up their seat, about the in-flight movie and also putting the focus on the yoga pants incident, which was also incorrectly presented.

What happened to the core of the Ellen Show where she always say be kind to one another? Doesn’t she (or her team of writers) see how that incident was unkind and inhumane and all details aside, point that out, instead of laughing about it? The yoga pants incident was because they were not paying customers and there are rules they have to adhere to.

It’s the little bits of insensitivity that disturbed me – I get where you’re going with the satire and sarcasm, but isn’t the wound a little too fresh to be laughed at this way? Would you laugh if this was YOUR mother being dragged off the plane?

One thing I appreciate was Jimmy Kimmel giving the example of Applebee’s, which at the very least, helped people to put things into perspective better.

The judgmental media. The last bit that disturbed me was how some journalists/websites chose to cover and follow up on the incident, and the worst of all was The Courier Journal that reported how the doctor had a disturbing past, totally irrelevant to THIS incident. Did he commit those crimes on the flight? Why should they matter in this case? He is a victim and he has been through enough, and you have to dig up on his past. For? So if you’ve once done something wrong, you deserve to be treated inhumanely? Shame on you.

On the flipside, I appreciate the media outlets who are putting the focus on the law and what loopholes are currently present. They may not be changed now but little by little, someday the situation would change. Also, to highlight the guidelines on carriage, passengers’ rights and the maximum amount the airline could have compensated – it gives you all the boundaries and facts, and let you make the judgement.

One last thing – I kind of don’t understand why the officer who grabbed the guy was put on leave. He was executing orders from the real guilty parties – the airlines, the employees. It seems to me that he was put on leave to appease people, aka, another innocent victim in this case where the corporation is at fault – poor booking system, poor communication, poor service, poor compensation, poor solution and poor attitude.

2. Qingming Festival

There is another powerless incident that bugged me this Qingming Festival.

My parents and I went to a temple to make some food offerings. Many old people were at the temple and visiting the columbarium. As I was feeling nauseous and waited outside the columbarium, I noticed the guard telling people to be careful of the step.

Then, an old man was stepping out and as the step was a little high, his knees were weak and he almost fell. Thankfully, his family quickly helped him up.

I kept thinking about the incident the whole day – there’s close to a month of people coming in and out, and this is a problem a simple ramp can solve. Doesn’t that make more sense than telling everyone coming out to be careful?

I asked one of the staff member, who said I should raise a suggestion to their head, who can then evaluate the situation.

I’m sorry but it made NO sense to me. It just struck me how powerless people are becoming, or at least, feeling. It’s like your light at home has fused and instead of just buying a replacement, you start to “give suggestion” and then make budget planning, while living with the inconvenience. What has happened to our country and our people?

I am going to try and solve that problem, one way or another. Because it makes more sense and I don’t want the media ever writing that someone fell to death at a temple again. Not when the problem can be easily resolved.

#09042017 – Perseverance Everyday

My workload and workout plans recently do not allow me to blog everyday, at least not this month. 😦 But there are still a few things on my mind that I want to share about.

  1. The responsible domestic worker

I was on the bus one day, when a domestic worker boarded the bus with two Caucasian children and they were all standing because the bus was packed. Boys being boys, the two kids were rather playful, fidgeting all around. From time to time, the maid turned around to tell them “don’t block the way”, “stand properly and hold on properly”, which struck me how responsible and alert she is.

Made a mental note to share about this incident because compared to what my teacher once said – a mother was with her son on the train and the latter was swinging around the pole. My teacher prompted the mum to get the son to stand still, but the mum said, “Did he fall? Did he hurt himself? Then what are you so worried about?”

Stark contrast in upbringing, thought-worthy comparison.

2. About working out plans

As I’ve said at the start of this post, I’ve been keeping myself busy with work and workout, the exercise kind of workout.

Initially when I started exploring my own gym bike, I planned to cycle at least three days per week. Then I realized the problem – I have an excuse called “tomorrow”. As work picked up pace in March, I practically skipped every chance I had to workout because, well, “tomorrow”.

So at the beginning of this month, I decided to try something new – exercise every single day. So I would have no excuse, I’d be like, what the hell, why haven’t you exercised today?

But the down part is that… My Daily Diary time became workout time, while catching up with TV shows. Recently really loving Late Night with Stephen Colbert and Sisters Slam Dunk season 2! Not to mention, GOT7 binge.

A week has passed and the routine has more or less settled down – no sleep until I’ve completed at least an hour of workout, whatever it is. Had fun with gym bike, hula hooping, core workout and stretching exercises. The biggest change I feel is that I feel more refreshed in the day, as if my brain has got more oxygen than it previously did, if that makes any sense. 🙂


One thing I kinda learn from the workouts is that… Life is like a workout. You can always tell yourself, you’d start living tomorrow. But you’re just wasting today. If you’re going to stop just because you feel pain, you’ll never surpass your limit or improve.

Just like working out, learn to persevere everyday – in pain or not, busy or not. 

3. Change in diet

Aside from the family get-togethers, I’ve been trying to make some changes to my diet too. Much less takeaway food, bringing plain water with me when dining out (to reduce intake of sweetened drinks) and also trying out food that I used to reject.

Some of my absolute… fear? Such as celery, beetroot, baby tomatoes… I can’t say I like them, especially beetroot, which made me smell soil for the subsequent hours, but still, it was worth the shot? My conclusion is juicing is the only way I’d ever consume them again. (inserts prayer)

DIY Boost Juice for the family – beetroot, celery, orange, apples, pear, baby tomatoes and carrot.

3. GOT7

Last but not least… Let me take some time to talk about GOT7. :))))

When I first heard of them I was like… wtf how do you even pronounce that? Incidentally, I started watching Dream High 2 and fell in love with JB. Not because of his character but because I feel that we are similar in some ways? The real JB, not the character in the story.

Then I started to find out about JJ Project and then GOT7. My absolute favourite thing about GOT7 is how they gel so well together and you can see how they care for one another through the little details – the hand gestures, how they cheer each other up, how they try to push the introverted ones into the limelight and cheer them on.

Don’t want to throw names out there but I have to say… There are a lot of talent in the Kpop industry. So many of them can sing, dance, ace variety, but there are some attitudes I don’t like, and some group dynamics that I have a problem with. Such as forming cliques within group ousting other members, one member getting all the attention, or some attitude problems where they don’t feel the need to do their best.

And GOT7 is the opposite. I appreciate how they have explored different music styles and image since their debut (from cute, cheeky to chic). I also appreciate how they work hard to show increasingly challenging and impactful choreographies. I like how they are sensitive to the feelings of each other and can get a good balance of fun, mutual respect and serious professionalism in their actual work.

There are going to be Kpop groups that produce good music. Some of them are going to be such heart-stealing visuals. But GOT7 charm lies in their positive and ever-improving attitude. They are constantly trying to get better in all aspects. 🙂

As the saying goes, there’s no bias in GOT7. Everyone of them is. :))

Jaebum for his big-hearted motherly leadership and introverted cuteness.
Jinyoung, who I didn’t like initially because of his straightforwardness, won my heart when I notice how sensitive he is to the needs and feelings of the other members.
Jackson for making a clown of himself to make shoots interesting, to protect members from MCs.
Mark for his quiet charm and now-increasingly-often outburts of energy. Not to mention, his tumbling, which has been perfect from YG-vs-JYP to date.
BamBam, who comes up with all the random things that become GOT7 traits. Also, how he worked hard to go from the maknae-cute to maknae-badass.
Youngjae, from the time he was so excited to be assigned a part in ‘A’ and talked about wanting to sing for the fans, till this day when his dancing is getting better, getting more protected and loved by his members, and rising to be one indisputable vocal talent. And ‘Sign’, my favourite slow-tempo GOT7 song.

That’s all. Nah, I’m kidding!

Of course there’s Hit the Stage Yugyeom who is seemingly savage but looks after his seniors with a special kind of warmth and tenderness. His passion for singing in Never Ever is also apparent, improving a whole lot since their debut. 🙂

At the end of the day… I guess I’m still #TeamJaebum. Or.. #TeamGOT7 . Yep.

4. Joker Xue

Speaking of GOT7, there’s another singer who caught my attention recently – Joker Xue. His performance caught my attention, his press conference attitude won my admiration and laughter, his life story earned my respect.



On the whole, all the stress aside, I’m feeling very positive and inspired lately.

#01042017 – Couldn’t help but pull a prank!

It’s April, my schedule is gradually freeing up and I’m gonna try to get back to my Daily Diary! 😀

Been rewatching Extreme Makeover on YouTube recently and feeling exceptionally inspired to change for the better.

One of the things that has been bugging me was the appearance of body acne on part of my body. It wasn’t that way previously and I couldn’t quite pinpoint the cause – Been changing my bedsheets even more frequently, changing clothes more frequently, showering with cold water instead of hot water, just to name a few.

At some point I guess I just gave up. Until recently, when I saw a forum post where the person wrote about visiting a doctor who gave her a shampoo bottle of chemical. It’s supposedly for hair, but the doctor said it would work for her case and sure it did.

Not sure why, but it’s that moment when it finally occurred to me to do the most basic thing I could have done in the first place – GOOGLE IT.

Then it was more looking around, when I found this Asepso soap bar on RedMart. Then, more Google-ing! Apparently someone blogged and raved about it helping her with her body acne and I decided to give it a try, since it’s so cheap. So here it is!


Guess I got a little into carried away during the first use? And instead of using on problem areas, I used as normal soap. Couldn’t kill, right?

HELL IT ITCHES. Had to use a lot of moisturiser post-bath to stop the itching. Maybe it’s drying for oily skin? So when I used it for my arms, it itched really badly. (T_T”)>

But surprisingly, it really helped to stop the discomfort on acne areas. Little by little, that is. Hopefully things would improve one week in! 🙂 So far I’d say it’s worth the money, but for people with dry/sensitive skin, STAY AWAY from this!


Spent a lot of time at home over the weekend for two reasons:

  1. No one was free to meet up
  2. It was April Fool and I was * scared.

By evening when I realized that not many people knew it was April Fool’s Day, I decided to prank my siblings. Heh.

I actually went to run errands at Nex but… The T-shirt I wanted to change size for, Uniqlo didn’t have that particular collection there. Wanted to activate my new bank card but there was a long queue.

So the trip to Nex was fun but also… not constructive at all. (dies laughing)

Anyway, by the time I was done roaming around, mum had knocked off from work and was meeting me for dinner. That’s when I decided to scare my brothers. (smirks)

I called my eldest brother while waiting for the train, telling him my parents and I are on the way to his area, cos we are meeting for dinner.

He went, “…huh?”

And then I kinda ridiculed him? And said like, you kidding ah? Or you forgot?? Don’t joke lei, dad also came, you forgot??

There was a moment of silence before he responded, “Okok I set off now.”

I was holding in my laughter on the train and quickly told him,”BRO BRO. WAIT. HAPPY APRIL FOOLS!”

I was so afraid he’d start calling Grab!! Then he just said BYE. How nice. (chuckles)

My elder brother was next but… I decided to call my sister-in-law, because talking to him on the phone is ZERO fun, with his short answers and constant desperation to end conversations and hang the phone. (-_-)

My sis-in-law was adorable too, and I could tell they had guests at home? But still, she just happily said, “Huh? I think your brother forgot!”

Simply because such incidents happen before! Then I quickly told her I was pranking her. I quickly ended the call so that she could entertain the guests, but instead, I texted her “kekekekeke”. Got called naughty! XD

So yes, this April Fool’s Day, I was the culprit! Pass me my trophy! *basks in glory*


Well, dinner with mum was much less enjoyable thanks to Manhattan Fish Market.

Their standards have been plummeting lately – long wait to be seated even when restaurant is empty, subpar utensils cleanliness and worst of all, the food quality.

Some weeks ago I had to write in to let them know one of their new dishes was simply a pool of grease and tonight, their “signature” cajun chicken wings are BURNT.

There was literally no other taste than just burnt. But this time around, mum said not to let the management team know (since it seems that they don’t give a damn anymore) and I guess MFMsg is officially written off my list of favourites. Now I just hope they’d close down soon to spare the space for some other worthy company.


Luckily, I did get some Chateraise goodies before leaving Nex, so dinner was salvaged! Their creme brulee was okay, better than the creme brulee swiss roll at least. 🙂


Have I mentioned how much I love Chateraise? Previously I saw another blogger saying that their cream isn’t filled fully so I decided to try it out myself. Mine was super full! #satisfied


That kinda concludes my first day of April! Lots of food, but I did workout at night so I guess it’s cool!

#22032017 – A Peculiar Day

Today has been a peculiar and eventful day. (Yes, I’m trying to get back to the pace of Daily Diary!)

Mum has started working again for a one-month contract and dad is starting to change his perspective on things and people. Me? I’m making my little changes too, and little bold plans.

Woke, washed up and immediately got to work, forgetting breakfast. After a while I remembered, and went to wash some rice and get things cooking.

Then… back to work, and I forgot all about my rice.

Elder brother called to ask mum out for lunch, forgetting that she’s at work again. So he called home to ask why my mum would hang up his call. #FAIL Realizing that mum isn’t at home, he asked me if I wanted to meet for lunch instead then (awkwardly).

Planned my day out from there – meet brother for lunch, make a delivery stop at Hougang Central, and then get back home to help my neighbour shop for a pair of shoes. Apparently size 39/40 isn’t the only size that’s hard to find, 35 is difficult to get in Singapore too. #WhySoLimited

Got back home to do my work before meeting mum after she knocks off from work…

And then the strangest thing happened?

Somewhere along the way on the bus, someone stood oddly close to me and somehow I felt that she was up to no good? But I was thinking about other things and didn’t respond immediately.

Later on, when I alighted, I knew my bank card is missing from my pocket, where she was standing close to me.

Rummaged through my bag, dug things out of my pocket, and yep, it’s gone.

STRANGELY, it’s not the first time this happened to me. I have a premonition, and I  KNOW when it’s happening, but somehow at that point, I can’t react immediately until afterwards. It happened once before at Punggol Plaza when I KNEW the uncle behind me was stealing my wallet.

Thankfully, it’s just my bank card. I calmly called POSB to terminate the card immediately and… that was it.

Back when my wallet was stolen as I have mentioned, I went mad. I lost control of my emotions and cried uncontrollably. But today… I can’t help but feel like I’ve grown up a bit.

Just calmly search for it, don’t have, call to terminate. That’s it. No drama. No emotions. Even until now.

But I will miss the card, which has been through so much with me.

Maybe I’m too logical too? I have been nusing the card for so many online purchases so I think it’s good to get a new onee too (apparently it is going to take 3 days). I’m just hoping they keep the PayPass function? Cos I love doing self checkout at NTUC, haha.

So… That was the peculiar part of the day that I wanted to record about.

On a comforting note, when I told my dad my card was stolen, his response was, “Who ask you so….. have you made a police report?”

I really appreciate that he is changing. 🙂 In the past he would be saying how silly/careless I am to let that happen but today I actually felt like he care. So… A card in exchange for better relationship with my dad? Priceless.

LAST THING! Can I just commend how assuring POSB customer service personnel sounded? She was like, “Hi how can I help you.. Can I have your full name… xxx… Okay your card has been permanently terminated and we will mail a new one to you within 3 days. ”

Possibly one of the most constructive and assuring customer service in Singapore. And efficient, of course. Just wanted to point that out! Her firm attitude made me feel a lot less worried too. 🙂

So… Today wasn’t such a good day. But I still feel that I reaped a lot from the bad luck…? Hopefully everyone reading is having a good time unlike me!

Goodnight! :))))

#21032017 – A Funny Story


Yesterday was one of the busiest days of this month for me, and I finally caught up with my sleep debt last night! 🙂 That makes me SO happy.

Spent the day setting up my site, configuring the encodings, placements and content. Hopefully I’d be back to writing soon!

Just wanted to share a funny incident that happened over the weekend.

My mum and I talk about the strangest things sometimes. Over the weekend, we were on a bus journey home,. talking about how we would want to “age gracefully”, be happy and grateful, and die with dignity.

Some point during our conversation, an old man boarded the bus and his cheeriness caught my attention.

“Hey mum, I’d want to be like him when I’m old, still dressing hip (Converse sneakers instead of the typical senior citizen sports shoes/grandpa shoes) and looking so cheerful.”

Mum agreed and we continued our conversation…

…until suddenly, that man I was talking about, starting to fidget. He was sitting in the front seat when I suddenly notice that he’s adjusting his socks for some reason.

Then he went ahead to take off his shoes to do more adjusting.



I got the whiff first (FML) and then it was my mum, who said, “Eh what’s that stench?!”

We were still trying to be polite at this point (his back was facing us), until another two Malay ladies sitting beside us starting talking and I caught them saying “Busoh”, which means smelly amid their conversation.

Apparently I was the only one who noticed that the old man took off his sneakers, so when more people started to notice the smell, I kind of burst out laughing. In silent mode, thankfully.

From the old man to us to the Malay ladies, we were in the middle-back section of the bus, so I quickly walked to the bus exit to press the bell, in hope that the smell only travelled backwards and I can get some fresh air.

The funniest thing was, at where I was standing, I was right in front of the old man. And then I looked at another 2 aunties and a young guy seated in the front section of the bus, and THEY WERE PINCHING THEIR NOSES.

One of the aunties was even holding out her bottle of medical oil that they use. Kinda like killing one smell with another?

It was such a funny sight and I just couldn’t hold it in any longer!!

Thankfully, we reached our stop, and so I quickly alighted to start laughing!

Gosh. Don’t think I would have been able to stand another bus stop distance “immersed” in that stench.

Of course, as we walk home from the bus stop, I turned and told my mum,

“Yeah, I take my words back. I wanna age gracefully, but not smelling like that.”

Seriously. I wonder if he knew how bad his feet stink? >_< Hahaha still a funny story nonetheless! Goes to show how you should never judge a book by its cover… Or a man, when his shoes are still on. (chuckles)



16032017 – A Quick March Update

February was a blur and so was the start of March, as my friends and I got together to finish shooting a microfilm. Then it was days of intensive editing, subbing and preparation for submission.

Best of both worlds

Throughout the past few weeks, I’ve learnt many things. Like understanding what my teacher meant when she told me to choose between two CCAs because I can’t have the best of both worlds.

She’s right to a certain extent – there’s only so much time and energy we have, and it is better to be great at one thing than to accept many projects and barely scraping by, producing sub-par work that’s a waste of everyone’s time.

Then again, the way I see it, we have 24 hours a day. If you have time for meal and bed, then you have time to spare. And that is the reality – learning to prioritize and juggle, to make a decision that you think is better.

I’ve had some free time here and there, but yes, I felt that there were other things more important than updating this site. This site means a lot to me, to document each day as a reminder to make full use of them. But if I waste my day documenting them, it kind of defeats the purpose, isn’t it?

But as I’ve said, there’s always mealtimes. Hence the GOT7 review. :))

Learning to pick my battles

Another thing I’m learning about growing up, is to choose battles.

I am a rather opinionated person and as I’ve said previously, I am fully aware that my character can be a bit too abrasive towards others sometimes. But recently I’m learning to pick my battles since not all of them are worth the time.

There were some decisions that I wouldn’t have given in, if it was a year back. But now I feel like… Unless it’s something really important to me, that would go against my principle, I guess I can give in, even if logically, I know that that’s not as great. At the end of the day, I look back at that moment and thought,

Yeah well, you gave in and made someone else feel like you cherish their opinion, and it wasn’t catastrophic, was it? 

And I feel an overwhelming sense of pride. ^_^

Learning to step away

was another one of the important lessons I learnt in the past couple of days.

There were some clients that were getting on my nerves, disregarding my effort or making selfish decisions that ultimately, left me to die in the problem.

Of course I was pissed, upset and demoralized. But then I realized, unlike friendships in school, you don’t always have to take the confrontational step. And I don’t mean resorting to passive aggression either (another one of my bad habits).

The other way I learnt to deal with such situation, is to simply walk away. In the adult sense, it’s probably the worst, meaning – I don’t even see a point of arguing with you. Now, I have better things to do and I’m moving on.

Yes, some problems can be solved through communication. But there are some where you feel like… That’s how it is and nothing is going to change it. Talking about it is simply scratching off the peaceful surface on the relationship, and things are never going to be the same again anyway.

When I feel that someone is making a decision solely for their own good without regards for my schedule and feelings, I’m not going to go along with complaints anymore. I’m stepping away and not going in your direction at all. 

When I feel that you’re sabotaging me intentionally, I’m not going to go after you for confrontation, to “expose” you or to demand/implore for your help anymore. I’m going to cool down, deal with it like an adult, and look for someone better than you. I’m grateful for your help in the past but it’s not working out anymore – let’s move on. And that’s it.

That kind of guts

One of my junior is graduating from Poly this year and he reminds me so much of myself, 5 years ago, when I was going through the same phase. I took friendships seriously, made time for everyone and made sure they know that I’m grateful. Yeah, and all those friends forever talk.

Sure, I still keep in touch with some of them, but I started to see how it wasn’t worth investing so much time in networking and maintaining relationships back then.

I had been so full of passion and guts – feeling like nothing in this world can bring me down, especially since I got a job at a place I really love.

As I grow older, I start to feel like I’m being increasingly introverted. I prefer to observe people quietly, than to be the loud one bringing people together. I’d prefer to create things alone, than to socialize and spend the time walking home posting social media updates to thank the people I met that night.

Networking is important, but my main circle is starting to form and it’s going down from my list of priorities now.

I feel very different this year

I’ve finally mustered up the courage to end the relationships that deep down, I know aren’t working and aren’t good for either of us, at both work and personal levels. I feel more focused and have a clearer idea of what I want to pursue next.

Surprisingly, some time last week, for the first time in years, the thought of finding a life partner came to my mind. But only for a few hours, haha. Still can’t accept the idea of compromising for life. ~_~”

But there’s still this one last relationship I’m waiting around for. I hope things would work out, and I’d be able to contribute what I’ve learnt in the past 5 years, but… three months was a lot of time, wasn’t it?

Last night I saw a new opportunity that interests me on so many levels. Between a new environment, and going back to an old place with fresh perspective… How would you make a decision? 

More thinking and more growing up to do, apparently.