#22032017 – A Peculiar Day

Today has been a peculiar and eventful day. (Yes, I’m trying to get back to the pace of Daily Diary!)

Mum has started working again for a one-month contract and dad is starting to change his perspective on things and people. Me? I’m making my little changes too, and little bold plans.

Woke, washed up and immediately got to work, forgetting breakfast. After a while I remembered, and went to wash some rice and get things cooking.

Then… back to work, and I forgot all about my rice.

Elder brother called to ask mum out for lunch, forgetting that she’s at work again. So he called home to ask why my mum would hang up his call. #FAIL Realizing that mum isn’t at home, he asked me if I wanted to meet for lunch instead then (awkwardly).

Planned my day out from there – meet brother for lunch, make a delivery stop at Hougang Central, and then get back home to help my neighbour shop for a pair of shoes. Apparently size 39/40 isn’t the only size that’s hard to find, 35 is difficult to get in Singapore too. #WhySoLimited

Got back home to do my work before meeting mum after she knocks off from work…

And then the strangest thing happened?

Somewhere along the way on the bus, someone stood oddly close to me and somehow I felt that she was up to no good? But I was thinking about other things and didn’t respond immediately.

Later on, when I alighted, I knew my bank card is missing from my pocket, where she was standing close to me.

Rummaged through my bag, dug things out of my pocket, and yep, it’s gone.

STRANGELY, it’s not the first time this happened to me. I have a premonition, and I  KNOW when it’s happening, but somehow at that point, I can’t react immediately until afterwards. It happened once before at Punggol Plaza when I KNEW the uncle behind me was stealing my wallet.

Thankfully, it’s just my bank card. I calmly called POSB to terminate the card immediately and… that was it.

Back when my wallet was stolen as I have mentioned, I went mad. I lost control of my emotions and cried uncontrollably. But today… I can’t help but feel like I’ve grown up a bit.

Just calmly search for it, don’t have, call to terminate. That’s it. No drama. No emotions. Even until now.

But I will miss the card, which has been through so much with me.

Maybe I’m too logical too? I have been nusing the card for so many online purchases so I think it’s good to get a new onee too (apparently it is going to take 3 days). I’m just hoping they keep the PayPass function? Cos I love doing self checkout at NTUC, haha.

So… That was the peculiar part of the day that I wanted to record about.

On a comforting note, when I told my dad my card was stolen, his response was, “Who ask you so….. have you made a police report?”

I really appreciate that he is changing. 🙂 In the past he would be saying how silly/careless I am to let that happen but today I actually felt like he care. So… A card in exchange for better relationship with my dad? Priceless.

LAST THING! Can I just commend how assuring POSB customer service personnel sounded? She was like, “Hi how can I help you.. Can I have your full name… xxx… Okay your card has been permanently terminated and we will mail a new one to you within 3 days. ”

Possibly one of the most constructive and assuring customer service in Singapore. And efficient, of course. Just wanted to point that out! Her firm attitude made me feel a lot less worried too. 🙂

So… Today wasn’t such a good day. But I still feel that I reaped a lot from the bad luck…? Hopefully everyone reading is having a good time unlike me!

Goodnight! :))))


A Little Annoyed

I don’t understand the old people’s obsession with a regular 9-5 desk job.

Met someone today, who was obsessed about discussing this with me, and I got annoyed.

“Why do you work from  home?”

‘I am working on project basis now.’

“Why don’t you find a regular job?”

‘Been there, done that, just that it’s how I happen to be working now.’

“So why don’t you want a regular job?”

‘Why do so when I can work from home now?’

“Well, you can meet more people.”

‘I am working FROM home, but I still meet people when I go out for shoots, etc.’

“But you can work with people, do regular work.”

‘It isn’t easy working from home, I still work long hours too.’

“Yeah, so you should do regular work, got people help you.”

‘Worked in an office job before but the burden is the same. If you’re responsible, you’d take responsibility, alone or in team.’

“Then why don’t you change industry?”

‘Because this is what I love doing? I injured my spine while working so-called regular job, because I still have to carry the equipment.’

“You mean you still have to carry the equipment when you’re working in team?”


“Change industry la!”


At the end of the day, my point is, what business is it of yours? 

I can say how I think because I’ve tried BOTH. I can say, my work now makes me happier because I have to take FULL responsibility for my work. I feel even more empowered and I feel HAPPY doing my work. 

So who are you to tell ME what is better for me? Especially when you’ve only tried one of the two ways? Who are you to tell me that THIS is not good for me?

Sometimes. It’s such pointless communications that make me glad I have the option of working alone sometimes. -_-

#21032017 – Unfavorable Decisions

When I was a kid, as do many kids know, we always look forward to being adults. To having the freedom to do what we want, to be free from the education system, to have the money to buy all the candies and chips we want. 

Then only when I really get the privileges of being an adult, I start to feel the weight of the responsibilities. 

Yes you have all the money but chips dont taste that great anymore. And your metabolism rate is slowing down, so you need to watch what you eat. 

Another thing I always thought about was how cool adults are, at least on TV, bring able to punish others (students/kids) or sacking someone as a boss. The feeling of power. 

Until I really had to do it. Then I realize how much it sucks. 

Then I realized teachers dont get a thrill out of punishing students. It is more of exasperation, helplessness and a final warning hoping you would heed. 

And bosses dont feel great sacking people. Unless, maybe, if you have small hands. Then you probably live in a fictional world, not the reality. I digressed. 

I mean, a boss hired an employee for a good reason to begin with – that help is needed, that the boss felt good about the employee. 

I never understood what was so difficult about sacking people until lately. Because you know the teamwork began because the boss felt good about the employee. If only things continued to work out. 

I always find it hard to say goodbye, and now it is harder – thats it, because things arent working out anymore. 

That was frickin tough and it was a late lesson on empathy. But adults dont brood like kids do –  we know sometimes we need not understand how and why everything happened, but just to accept and move on. 

Taking a deep breath and moving on, with a tinge of sadness tonight. 

#21032017 – A Funny Story


Yesterday was one of the busiest days of this month for me, and I finally caught up with my sleep debt last night! 🙂 That makes me SO happy.

Spent the day setting up my site, configuring the encodings, placements and content. Hopefully I’d be back to writing soon!

Just wanted to share a funny incident that happened over the weekend.

My mum and I talk about the strangest things sometimes. Over the weekend, we were on a bus journey home,. talking about how we would want to “age gracefully”, be happy and grateful, and die with dignity.

Some point during our conversation, an old man boarded the bus and his cheeriness caught my attention.

“Hey mum, I’d want to be like him when I’m old, still dressing hip (Converse sneakers instead of the typical senior citizen sports shoes/grandpa shoes) and looking so cheerful.”

Mum agreed and we continued our conversation…

…until suddenly, that man I was talking about, starting to fidget. He was sitting in the front seat when I suddenly notice that he’s adjusting his socks for some reason.

Then he went ahead to take off his shoes to do more adjusting.



I got the whiff first (FML) and then it was my mum, who said, “Eh what’s that stench?!”

We were still trying to be polite at this point (his back was facing us), until another two Malay ladies sitting beside us starting talking and I caught them saying “Busoh”, which means smelly amid their conversation.

Apparently I was the only one who noticed that the old man took off his sneakers, so when more people started to notice the smell, I kind of burst out laughing. In silent mode, thankfully.

From the old man to us to the Malay ladies, we were in the middle-back section of the bus, so I quickly walked to the bus exit to press the bell, in hope that the smell only travelled backwards and I can get some fresh air.

The funniest thing was, at where I was standing, I was right in front of the old man. And then I looked at another 2 aunties and a young guy seated in the front section of the bus, and THEY WERE PINCHING THEIR NOSES.

One of the aunties was even holding out her bottle of medical oil that they use. Kinda like killing one smell with another?

It was such a funny sight and I just couldn’t hold it in any longer!!

Thankfully, we reached our stop, and so I quickly alighted to start laughing!

Gosh. Don’t think I would have been able to stand another bus stop distance “immersed” in that stench.

Of course, as we walk home from the bus stop, I turned and told my mum,

“Yeah, I take my words back. I wanna age gracefully, but not smelling like that.”

Seriously. I wonder if he knew how bad his feet stink? >_< Hahaha still a funny story nonetheless! Goes to show how you should never judge a book by its cover… Or a man, when his shoes are still on. (chuckles)



16032017 – A Quick March Update

February was a blur and so was the start of March, as my friends and I got together to finish shooting a microfilm. Then it was days of intensive editing, subbing and preparation for submission.

Best of both worlds

Throughout the past few weeks, I’ve learnt many things. Like understanding what my teacher meant when she told me to choose between two CCAs because I can’t have the best of both worlds.

She’s right to a certain extent – there’s only so much time and energy we have, and it is better to be great at one thing than to accept many projects and barely scraping by, producing sub-par work that’s a waste of everyone’s time.

Then again, the way I see it, we have 24 hours a day. If you have time for meal and bed, then you have time to spare. And that is the reality – learning to prioritize and juggle, to make a decision that you think is better.

I’ve had some free time here and there, but yes, I felt that there were other things more important than updating this site. This site means a lot to me, to document each day as a reminder to make full use of them. But if I waste my day documenting them, it kind of defeats the purpose, isn’t it?

But as I’ve said, there’s always mealtimes. Hence the GOT7 review. :))

Learning to pick my battles

Another thing I’m learning about growing up, is to choose battles.

I am a rather opinionated person and as I’ve said previously, I am fully aware that my character can be a bit too abrasive towards others sometimes. But recently I’m learning to pick my battles since not all of them are worth the time.

There were some decisions that I wouldn’t have given in, if it was a year back. But now I feel like… Unless it’s something really important to me, that would go against my principle, I guess I can give in, even if logically, I know that that’s not as great. At the end of the day, I look back at that moment and thought,

Yeah well, you gave in and made someone else feel like you cherish their opinion, and it wasn’t catastrophic, was it? 

And I feel an overwhelming sense of pride. ^_^

Learning to step away

was another one of the important lessons I learnt in the past couple of days.

There were some clients that were getting on my nerves, disregarding my effort or making selfish decisions that ultimately, left me to die in the problem.

Of course I was pissed, upset and demoralized. But then I realized, unlike friendships in school, you don’t always have to take the confrontational step. And I don’t mean resorting to passive aggression either (another one of my bad habits).

The other way I learnt to deal with such situation, is to simply walk away. In the adult sense, it’s probably the worst, meaning – I don’t even see a point of arguing with you. Now, I have better things to do and I’m moving on.

Yes, some problems can be solved through communication. But there are some where you feel like… That’s how it is and nothing is going to change it. Talking about it is simply scratching off the peaceful surface on the relationship, and things are never going to be the same again anyway.

When I feel that someone is making a decision solely for their own good without regards for my schedule and feelings, I’m not going to go along with complaints anymore. I’m stepping away and not going in your direction at all. 

When I feel that you’re sabotaging me intentionally, I’m not going to go after you for confrontation, to “expose” you or to demand/implore for your help anymore. I’m going to cool down, deal with it like an adult, and look for someone better than you. I’m grateful for your help in the past but it’s not working out anymore – let’s move on. And that’s it.

That kind of guts

One of my junior is graduating from Poly this year and he reminds me so much of myself, 5 years ago, when I was going through the same phase. I took friendships seriously, made time for everyone and made sure they know that I’m grateful. Yeah, and all those friends forever talk.

Sure, I still keep in touch with some of them, but I started to see how it wasn’t worth investing so much time in networking and maintaining relationships back then.

I had been so full of passion and guts – feeling like nothing in this world can bring me down, especially since I got a job at a place I really love.

As I grow older, I start to feel like I’m being increasingly introverted. I prefer to observe people quietly, than to be the loud one bringing people together. I’d prefer to create things alone, than to socialize and spend the time walking home posting social media updates to thank the people I met that night.

Networking is important, but my main circle is starting to form and it’s going down from my list of priorities now.

I feel very different this year

I’ve finally mustered up the courage to end the relationships that deep down, I know aren’t working and aren’t good for either of us, at both work and personal levels. I feel more focused and have a clearer idea of what I want to pursue next.

Surprisingly, some time last week, for the first time in years, the thought of finding a life partner came to my mind. But only for a few hours, haha. Still can’t accept the idea of compromising for life. ~_~”

But there’s still this one last relationship I’m waiting around for. I hope things would work out, and I’d be able to contribute what I’ve learnt in the past 5 years, but… three months was a lot of time, wasn’t it?

Last night I saw a new opportunity that interests me on so many levels. Between a new environment, and going back to an old place with fresh perspective… How would you make a decision? 

More thinking and more growing up to do, apparently.

Review: GOT7 “Never Ever”

I couldn’t help it. The video has just been uploaded 37 minutes ago and there are so many things I’m glad about.

Crowd Pleaser

Another great masterpiece that’s sure to win the hearts of Kpop fans, with lyrics like “I won’t leave you again”, “baby you’re mine” and “I’m yours, you’re mine”, iGOT7 hearts are definitely going to melt over and over again, figuratively. As the YouTube community would call it – many people are bound to rape the replay button again and again.

Learning from painful lesson

One thing I like about JYP is that they learn from their mistakes and get better with time. The biggest problem I have with Kpop groups is when companies put too much focus on selected members, because the groups won’t do well in the long run.

There are countless examples – HyunA from 4MINUTE, Suzy from Miss A, Luhan from EXO, just to name a few. It may not be the main reason of their disbandment but I feel like it limits the development of the groups in the long run.

So one thing I love about GOT7, is how the members take turn to bask in the limelight. For “Never Ever”, it’s Yugyeom and Mark. I’m sure many people are happy to see the MV starting with Yugyeom, the evil maknae! And Mark is one unique rapper – other rappers’ voice tones get lower and lower with every new song, but his voice just keeps getting higher. Not sure how he’s pulling that off~

GOT7 Never Ever yugyeom

A Decent Break for GOT7

From If You Do, Fly to Hard Carry, I was getting worried about the health of GOT7 members, as their choreography gets increasingly challenging. But I’d be honest here – I am not a huge fan of Kpop male groups doing ballad.

But this song is a great pace changer, helping them to slow down while keeping their charm and style. It would also be a useful song to have during their concerts, where they can catch a breath between their hardcore songs.

Back to their Roots

The Kpop MV trends are slowly changing – it used to be about random closeup focus of members’ face, thick eyeliners and some sets that don’t make sense.

It’s nice to see GOT7 getting back in touch with their roots here, and the simple set and lack of overedit storylines help to put the focus back on their voice and dancing capabilities. I mean, they have proven their acting skills in If You Do, I think they deserve a break.

With a relatively stripped down MV, it’s also nice to see them outside of adventurous outfits (Jackson with one sleeve and Bam Bam’s… almost everything), so they are still relate-able to their fans. It’s also easy to see how much they’ve improved in terms of stage presence and teamwork.

Some small spaces for improvement

On the whole, I feel like this MV, this song, is great. But there are still a few things I’d be concerned about.

For one, I love how Youngjae is getting more lines to show off his vocal capabilities. But I feel like Youngjae also needs to work on his acting versatility and stage presence so that he has more air time with his lines. He tends to be more focused on singing and compared to other members, has less interaction with the camera during music shows. It’s also easy to see his performance style in MV starting to get a little repetitive –



Similarly, BamBam’s sitting down profile look is cool, but I think it’s enough for now – we’ve been seeing it since If You Do. I miss their ‘A’ era, where they were more adventurous about showing their different sides. So far it seems like they always show his “silence” charm, but I would want to see the charm of his activeness (moving around, in choreography and/or storyline), I’m sure he can pull it off.

Another thing is, as I’ve mentioned, Mark’s increasingly high tone rapping. It’s cool and all, but I hope he would survive the harsh reality of MR Remove. AND I have a problem with his enunciation. I mean, his American accent is sexy as hell, and I’m pretty sure that’s not how Americans pronounce ‘love’. I wish they would let him retain that American swag of his! And maybe also to work on the lyrics, I’m sure he has much wider vocabulary that can spice things up, especially if it’s in his style of speech. Right now it just sounds like the typical Korean songwriters filling in the words, but an American wouldn’t phrase it that way, so it sounds a little awkward.

One last thing – I kinda have more than enough of Jinyoung. He is cool and cute, and I see how his acting is one of the best, but I wish other members can have more airtime, or be the lead instead of him, once in a while. Maybe it’s an album theme but still. Don’t get me wrong, I like his savage swag. 🙂

Keep rocking my socks off, dearest GOT7! Thank you JB for being the awesome lowkey leader! Jackson too, he may be loud in variety shows, but I respect how he takes the backseat in MVs. The spotlight will always be on him!

#02032017 – Last 2 Interviews!

Eversince I started YOLOsg.com, I’ve created a bookmark folder in my computer, keeping a collection of people, businesses and things I would want to feature someday. As my friends and I started the journey of microfilm-making, the bookmarks came into use, and I finally met some of the people I’ve been wanting to meet.

The day began at 10.30am, where I had made an interview appointment with Mr Khor Ean Ghee, the man behind the iconic dragon playground.

We arranged to meet at Toa Payoh dragon playground, one of the last few of its kind left amidst urban redevelopment plans. Interestingly, when I looked it up online, the playground is stated as at Blk 28. But as I looked up the address on streetdirectory, I realized… There’s no Blk 28…? #RealLife9and3/4


That was the first thing I asked Mr Khor, haha. So apparently Blk 28 has been demolished. He even had a photo show me where it was, and how it was the backdrop for the playground. :’)

The interview was supposed to take just 15 minutes, but he was really passionate about sharing, and it was insightful for us too, so 15 minutes turned into over an hour.

What was insightful was having a glimpse into the past, seeing how the pioneer generation of urban developers and designers thought. They were focused on what people would like, how to make amenities accessible, convenient and usable for everyone, how to make the structure safe, relate-able, durable and yet leave some space for imagination.

Compared to the modern times where playgrounds are so often over-designed without thought for the safety of children and without any local flavour, it’s easy to see why and how the dragon playground withstood the test of time, and why people are so appreciative of it.

Took another photo of the playground before leaving. 🙂

After the first shoot, I went home to recharge some batteries, empty the SD cards and grab my monopod, before heading out to meet Dexter, a junior working in the same field, for our next and last two interviews. Terry met up with us at the venue directly.

Last shoot to wrap things up before the edit process!

We interviewed a social worker and two migrant workers who have gotten injured while working in Singapore.

From the first shoot of cat welfare to the last on people from overseas working to make Singapore a better place, it’s extremely motivating and makes you think about the people and things that we’ve taken for granted.

I start to think about how we define a successful nation. Our government is over-fixated on numbers and the economy. But what can we do as citizens? We’re only a successful nation, in my opinion, if the way we treat the less fortunate and weaker members of the community decently. And right now, that’s a big problem.

First we demolish buildings and places that mean a lot to the pioneer generation and gave them money and health benefits instead. What’s good about living if the familiar things are all gone?

Then you see how we are becoming a less tolerant society – don’t want to take care of old folks? Make apartments just for them. It sounds nice in name, ‘condo’, but it’s just a modern version of quarantine and separation from the other people. Don’t like animals in estate? Cull, kill, poison, force out by law.

Next you see how the less fortunate are doing in Singapore. How we strive hard to build sports infrastructure, community centres, malls, but while making everything look glamorous, technologically-advanced and ‘first in the world’, the basic needs and facilities that the less fortunate need are given at a bare minimum or none at all. Why haven’t they been integrated into the society? Why are their differences still swept under the rug?

At the very personal level, I look at our malls. It’s always bugged me to see how the toilet cleaners do not have a proper resting room. There’s only standing room in the one space they have, and it’s beside the toilet. The malls are so big, can’t developers consider the welfare of these cleaners too? Just one room? One space?

And yes, the complaints about foreign workers. Do white-collar and our members of parliament know that what we have came from their blood, sweat, tears and even lives? In our pursue of greater economical developments and all, can’t we spare more thought and empathy for them?

The biggest lesson in making this film for me is – stop saying our government should do this or that. What are YOU doing as a citizen? Are you thanking our contributors enough?