#22022017 – Climbing out of a Deep Pit

Possibly the worst day of 2017 so far.

I have been really stressed out by a project lately, unable to focus, unable to sleep and unable to just function properly as a whole.

When Friends Aren’t really Friends

During Chinese New Year, I had a chat with a junior/friend about networking in the workplace. It’s not like school, where you meet someone at a camp, at an event, add of Facebook, you become friends. Then you entertain each other with likes, comments, and help them out with their Surveymonkey stuff.

Networking in the industry is so much more complex. I’ve had my share of heartbroken experiences, where people you used to work with totally cut you out or ignore your messages. They entertained you not because you were friends, but because of the name of the company you were working for.

Building relationships in the workplace is important but sometimes, I still fall into the conceptual trap. While working this project recently, I messaged a friend for a little bit of help. I thought that at our level of acquaintance, even if I were to be turned down, I’d get an answer.

You know, yes or no, a response was all I needed.

But nope. That sense of disappointment knowing your message has been seen, but… no reply. For days.

Am I upset? Yeah. Because it was so unexpected, coming from someone so nice. But it’s not the first time I’ve been waiting like this. So I gave myself a few hours to brood… And then bounce back. 🙂 Life isn’t a bed or roses and people wouldn’t always be how I want them to be. The only one I can control is myself so… keep fighting!

And then there are the real friends who give a sh*t

For once, I posted about the disappointment on social media, in hope that talking about it will give me a sense of emotional release. And yeah it did. So did the consolation from my friends and my brother.

It’s not so much about how much attention is given, or what was said. It’s being reminded that someone does care and that no one is fighting alone in this world. I really REALLY appreciate it and it made the hurdle seem so insignificant thereafter. 🙂

YouTube University

On a lighter note, something else has been keeping my mum busy – YouTube University. She’s been getting Facebook fatigue, of all the negativity and fake news that scare the crap out of her.

Then suddenly she told me, she realized the use of Google! The use of YouTube to learn things she wanted to know! And so her first project was to grow her own beansprouts.

Ironically… it’s my bestie’s WORST nightmare.


My mum cared for the beansprouts so much so that I was borderline jealous. (kidding)

She was out one morning for prayer when she called home suddenly, looking for dad. Apparently she forgot to water her precious beansprouts in the morning and wanted to “get it done before noon if not the poor babies will die”.

And she specifically said that “dad would know what to do”. And that I wouldn’t. -__-

Where’s the Non-Green-Fingers Welfare Association?? #discriminated #insulted

They harvested the sprouts later in the evening, and shared it with our neighbour over dinner. Nice of the kopitiam zhcha stall to help them cook with ingredients brought from home! :))

Major Discovery – Atas Jagabee Formage

Let me just say this – I FRICKIN’ LOVE YOU, REDMART!!!

Spotted this Jagabee on sale on Redmart and decided to order and try. SUPER NICE! It’s like Cheese Jagabee but 100 times better. The rich flavour doesn’t get old. 😀

Seriously, I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE RedMart. Would share more great things about and from them someday! And RedMart if you are seeing this… Please work with me! Collab or anything, I love you guys! (blows kisses)


It’s almost as if I am trying to record so many happy things that happened today, to compensate for that one deep hole I fell into. So yes, here’s another one –


Caught my first Skarmory on my way home after night stroll in the neighbourhood. Was just waiting for the bus home when I loaded Pokemon GO… And Skarmory appeared! How nice.

Well, now that I look back, today wasn’t all that bad. And when the going gets tough, the tough gets going, isn’t it? 🙂

Here’s to a better tomorrow! \(^_^)/